Matthew 22:2-3, 14 “The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent his servants to those who have been INVITED to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come. ‘For many are INVITED, but few are CHOSEN.”

Friend, before you read this post, I would advice you to read the whole story on the THE PARABLE OF THE WEDDING BANQUET in Matthew 22:1-14.

ENLIST means to enter or persuade to enter the ARMED FORCES; to engage or secure a person or his support for a venture, cause etc; to enter into or join an enterprise, cause etc.

This morning I thought about the life of a soldier. Yes, a professional soldier. In case you don’t know, almost all countries in the world have a professionally trained army. Yet, most of them will probably never be on the frontline or battlefields in their lifetime. Then why waste the taxpayers’ money in equipping people who are almost PROFESSIONALLY REDUNDANT all their career lives? you may ask. The answer is simple. Because wars can start anytime…unexpectedly.

If that is the case, a soldier in the army cannot afford to be careless with his life…more so, no matter how long or unlikely a war may seem, a soldier cannot for a day or two pretend to live the life of a civilian. Why, because as long as you are ENLISTED, you can be called on the frontline, anytime…be it day or night, winter or summer, before the birth of your child or whatever important personal issues at hand. One who is ENLISTED has the first and foremost obligations to his motherland above personal matters.

And while this is true of the world system, how much more true should this be in the Kingdom of God. But here is the sad story; the Kingdom invitations have gone out, and they are still going out; And yes, like the soldier, many have confirmed they will be in attendance. But wait a minute. When the day draws nigh, other seemingly importance matters begin to call out for their attention. Oh, there is a business deal to close and money to be made; oh, my family will renounce me if I get too much involved in this kingdom business; And the stories from different quarters keep coming in steadily.

The true is…as in the army…if you are ENLISTED, you have no excuse whatsoever. If you miss your place at the table, another will occupy it. There are no second chances, no appeals, no ‘RSVP’ attached to the invitations. Why…because when you get ENLISTED…it is once for life and eternity. However, you have the choice…TO BE PRESENT or to be a DESERTER…whose place is out in the darkness where there is the gnashing of the teeth.


12 thoughts on “ENLISTED

  1. Gladwell, this is good. A great fresh perspective. Think we’ll use this at our next prayer meeting…if it’s okay with you? Love Elaine

    • Hi Elaine. Go ahead, you know you can use…or re-post any or my articles….anytime. Freely I have receive, and freely I give!

      Otherwise, great to have you back…and enjoy your new comp!

      Love, Gladwell

  2. Gladwell thank you so much for sounding out this call. Lord help me to be among the chosen few and be always ready. May I never be called a deserter.


  3. Gladwell,

    I am amazed at how Holy spirit works in His people. As a true soldier, we do not have any excuse….Need to be ready all the time…Praise God for that reminder.

    God Bless, my sister
    Rani John

  4. Thanks again Gladwell,
    As always, your messages are heartfelt and to the point. I know I want to take my place at the table no matter what. Keep encouraging sister.
    God Bless

  5. This is why we must NEVER become a deserter of LIFE. We must continue the battle against abortion and euthanasia, fighting for God and His plan for humanity.

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