Judges 16:15-16 Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you, ‘when you won’t confide in me? This is the third time you have made a fool of me and haven’t told me the secret of your strength. With such nagging she prodded him day by day until HE WAS TIRED TO DEATH.

We say a drunkard is intoxicated when they have overused an alcoholic drink. In other words, they have lost control of clear thinking or proper evaluation in a matter. An intoxicated person cannot conduct a sound conversation and is most likely unable to make even and steady steps. And more often than not, a drunkard becomes morally corrupt in their intoxicated state. In the same way, one can also be intoxicated in love. INFATUATION IS A FORM OF INTOXICATION. Therefore, toxic love is love that is wrongfully asserted.

Let’s have a look at Samson and Delilah’s love story. Samson was born in an era when the children of Israel were led by a judge. In other words, Samson was a judge in his time. That meant, he was responsible for the wellbeing of the Israelites as a whole. As a judge, it was demanded of him to be alert and clear-minded at all times. Moreover, his birth was unique unlike any other judge in Israel. Yes, he was born as a Nazirite, one set apart to God from birth. Being a Nazirite meant his life was already set. His hair was uncut from birth, some food and alcoholic drinks were forbidden and of course, he was forbidden to marry outside his own people. And while for 20 years he led Israel in the days of the Philistines, something changed afterwards. He FELL IN LOVE with Delilah, a Philistine woman. And then his problems began.

You see, other than his own parents and Samson himself, no-one in the whole Israel knew the source of his great strength. For years, their secret had been kept intact. But LOVE…yes, Samson’s infatuation or TOXIC LOVE for Delilah threatened to undo their secret. At first, Samson played along with her constant nagging and each time, he made a fool of her. Of course, in his mind he thought it harmless…her nagging and prodding. Three times he had escaped from the Philistines’ hands. But on the fourth occasion, Delilah used the most deadliest weapon at her exposure: Samson’s toxic love or obsession towards her. Note her words: ‘How can you say, “I LOVE YOU….’ and at that Samson gave up his secret to his own great loss and Israel’s as a whole.

LOVE…is a good thing. INFATUATION…is the opposite of love. It blinds, it steals and it can and will evenly kill. What are you looking for? How are you able to differentiate between LOVE AT ITS PUREST from TOXIC LOVE? No-one can answer for you that question apart from the Spirit of God in you. Seek Him until you find your answer.

Love as always,



  1. Hey sista Glad, may God shower you with His blessings and crown you with wisdom so that u may keep on blessings us. Intoxicating love(romantic fallacy) is quite dangerous coz it robs one of their senses and leaves them vulnerable! Like you said, we(singles) sure need the H/Spirit to guide us through LOVE issues. Once again, blessings kibao!

    • Thank you, Tracey. I am glad this post has encouraged you and hope many more will. Yes, we all need God to lead us to make the right kind of life decisions and love relationships is a major one. Thanks for stopping by to encourage me too.

      Blessings and hugs,


  2. What a delightful and inspiring read! It’s so easy to confuse infatuation with love although they are not the same! The illustration of toxic love (Samson and Delilah’s affair) is most helpful. Thanks for sifting true love from infatuation — Let’s just say, as you already know, I need it! God bless you and your pen.


  3. I want to be able to describe myself as someone who loves deeply. I know that lines can get sckewed as I forget to hope and remain in the deep love of the one who deeply loved me first.

    Great thoughts!

    • Thank you, Tracee. The word said, ‘That we love because He loved us first.’ Without His love, it would be impossible to know or understand love at its fullest. We are the BELOVED.

      Blessings and hugs,


  4. Excellent post. How crazy to both write about intoxication on the same day? I just wrote about Samson a few days ago as well. May God continue to give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you write. God has given you the tongue of a ready writer:

    “My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1)

    • I will stop by to read your article about Samson. Funny, but Psalm 45…is one of my favorite Psalms because…it is here that the story of my love life began and the reminder is so TIMELY. Let’s keep proclaiming Him and lifting His banner high. Blessings.


  5. Intoxication, both with drink and with another human. I’ve experienced them both; the latter more than the former. The latter nearly costing me my life.

    That is how I know the difference between intoxication and real love. I’ve lived them both.

    God sets the example of perfect love. The more I know him, the greater my understanding.

    We humans have strayed far off course from his model of agape loving. I want to be better at my loving. He is my guide, along with my flesh and blood example, my husband, my “ephesians 5:25”.


    • Thank you, Elaine for your open and honest confession. That’s why we are called apart. To tell the world, that we have experienced what they are going through, and also we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. I join you with the same desire…to crucify my flesh daily and live not for myself but for Him and the people in my life in pure love.

      Blessings, Gladwell

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