Isaiah 48:17 This is what the Lord says_ your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I am the Lord, your God, who teaches you WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU, who directs you in the way you should go.

A NICHE is defined as: a position particularly suitable for the person occupying it; relating to or aimed at a small specialized group or market; the status of a plant or animal within its community which determines its activities, relationships with other organisms etc.

Of late, I have been thinking and wondering a lot. Why? Because...I AM LOOKING FOR MY NICHE. That place which goes beyond just bare existence or survival…into the place of REST and FULFILLMENT. Over five years ago, when God called me to write, I didn’t think much about it. I took a pen and slowly, began penning down the first sentence which, five years later has become a book…or rather a manuscript waiting for its time at the publishers. And while, deep down in my heart, I know God’s plans for me are interwoven in the pages of this yet-to published book, at times…I sit back and wonder. I wonder because like every one of you, at times, there seems to be no clear direction for me. What next? I asked the Lord this morning. Maybe, I should look for a serious eight to five job? Then, I wonder out aloud. What is the use of following God’s instructions and yet still have nothing to show for it? And even through I heard myself say it out loud, I suddenly realized that is a dangerous detour.

But here is the TRUTH. God, our HEAVENLY FATHER, KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US, HIS CHILDREN. What more, He created us and has every knowledge of our abilities and talents. God didn’t call me to write because He thought it would do me some good. NO. He called me to write because, long before I knew I could pen a sentence, He already knew that I COULD WRITE. God, therefore wants me to embrace writing as my niche, and not as a part-time endeavor. As the above scriptures puts it, the ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU, will also DIRECT YOU INTO THE WAY YOU SHOULD GO. In other words, when God calls you and I to task, He will also provide the ways and means to bring it to pass. Like my former pastor in Kenya used to say, ‘WHEN GOD GIVES YOU A VISION, HE WILL ALSO GIVE YOUR PROVISION.’

So here I am…still penning down a few more lines to encourage you not to give up because…GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.


16 thoughts on “HE KNOWS WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU

  1. Just wanted to let you know your words have reached beyond my heart. I thank God for giving you the wisdom and strength to write the way you do.

    God Bless

  2. Over the years, my niche has radically changed so much that it’s hard to even remember what I thought it was fifteen years ago. The grinding down process of God has a way of fitting us into totally different niches as time goes on.

  3. Gladwell,
    One thing I find has and can hinder my walk is my own expectations. You do have a niche, and you provoke thought in others who serve Christ and those who are searching. Your ministry through this blog is substantial, and you are doing Gods will. Maybe this is your calling, I know I have been inspired by your words. God Bless you
    Live in Peace
    Blessed Dad

    • Thank you, my friend. You see, I was so discouraged this morning because of ‘my own expectations’ before the Lord put those words in my heart. In fact, when my husband got home, I cried as I related to Him what the Lord spoke to me. Yes…this may be MY NICHE.

      God bless you too.


  4. Wonderful word!

    You have no idea how this ministered to my heart this morning!! PTL!!

    The Lord and I have been “talking” about this writing “thing” allot lately and your post was like a prophetic word just for me!! Isn’t He awesome!

    I also, want to thank you for your prayers and sweet comments you’ve left on my blog!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  5. Gladwell,

    Thank you for sharing this. It is amazing how God speaks to us similarly and I’ve often been in the same quandary about what God’s wants of me. When I was told by God to start writing out the devotionals, I did and thought it was for others but it was really for me because this was my best way to spend quiet time with the Lord.

    People are touched and moved sometimes by what we pen but God is the one who decides who writes, who reads, who is moved and how He receives glory. We are called to serve and not measure and I keep reminding myself of that.


  6. Well said! It is often hard to wait to see Him bring about the fulfillment of our calling. Yet, when He has us wait it is always so we can be better prepared to fill that niche!

    • Wow…that’s a powerful thought. Preparation is most important before He sets us to fill our niches. God is good! Keep those great ideas coming. I am thinking more clearer as I read these comments.

      Thank you, my dear.


  7. Gladwell,

    I have no doubts that one day your dreams are going to come true…because its our God who has promised you that…and He is a God who will never lie…Trust Him alone and He will do the best for you…


  8. I just finished a piece called ‘At His Word’. Like Simon who worked hard all night and caught nothing, ‘at His word’ Jesus made his labor pay off. We are all waiting on His word. He who is able to put it all together, who sees our willingness to work all night without catching anything; He is taking note.

    I may bump this up to post this Sunday instead of next. Not sure though.

    Good word!

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