Acts 5:1-2 Now a man named Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, also sold a piece of property. With HIS WIFE’S FULL KNOWLEDGE he kept back part of the money for himself, but brought the rest and put it at the apostles’ feet.

The Church from the time of the Acts of the Apostles has come a long way. Yet, the modern church has not come close to that place in ministry where ALL THE BELIEVERS ARE ONE IN HEART AND MIND. You see, we still live in a very individualistic and materialistic world, and even when we enter into the church scene, things don’t seem to change drastically. But not so in the early church. Their relationships one to another were much more deeper. Not only did they associated spiritually, as brothers and sisters in Christ, but also shared with one another in their material goods. Whatever they did, it was for the common good of their fellow brethren.

But one couple, even though outwardly they seemed GENUINE and GENEROUS, in the real sense, they still struggled with issues…yes, money issues. While it’s true the land belonged to Ananias, when he had made up his mind to sell it, it was a pledge he had made unto the Lord. But when in reality the money transaction was sealed, he felt as if he had made a raw deal. God will understand, I can only imagine him thinking as he kept some of the money for himself. But here is the problem. His wife, Sapphira never tried to convince him otherwise. Of course, she had the opportunity to SPEAK UP, but she preferred to KEEP SILENT and go along with his game. What she didn’t know was she was about to pay a VERY HIGH PRICE not for her direct sin, but for the SIN OF ASSOCIATION.

Ananias and Sapphira’s story may make you and I uncomfortable, if not worse, unnerving. But in the body of Christ, their story is repeated in our midst time and time again. People who we trust, who lead us, people who speak on our behalf at times may not represent our convictions. But instead of standing out to speak and defend our faith, we cowardly keep our cool. And before we know it, we end up being condemned together with them. Yes, we pay the HIGH PRICE OF ASSOCIATING with them by keeping quiet.

Is the Holy Spirit calling you to speak out against the wrong of another? What are your priorities in this matter? Remember: THERE IS NO SAFETY IN NUMBERS. If you do not stand out and speak, the HOLY SPIRIT will speak out for himself.


  1. Hi Gladwell!

    Affabel is not a book. It comes in a series of Cd’s that tell an incredible story. It is something that you really have to hear. You can likely Google John Bevere’s name and the title.

    It will Bless you! Thanks Love Elaine

    P.S. It talks about 5 Bible students who graduate from Bible school and what happens to them. Unfortunately they all do not go to heaven and we get to hear their life stories …and how they missed i. It is excellent. It does talk about how ministers are held to a higher standard.

  2. Hi! I was just re-reading Paul’s note. An Paul, I want to say that you are right, Sapphira did lie to the Holy Spirit…but I pray that GOd will reveal to you…that the “set up” began L-O-N-G- before the lie and that is an environment ( or association) that encouraged her to “lie” to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we have the stretch ourselves to see the big picture…and sometimes it is even bigger than we think. Me? I’m always learning…thank you both very much!

    We are the body of Christ…different parts…different callings…we won’t be the same…but we must work together. Let’s do that Paul and take out the real enemy…Satan…the accuser of the brethern…so we can wrap this thing up and go home to the Lord!

    Ps I like your site. Love E

  3. Hello, I just read the interesting dialogue above. Gladwell, I understood exactly what you were saying.

    I am writing to say that the SIN OF ASSOCIATION is completely scriptural in THE HOLY BIBLE and I will explain.

    There is a sin…whatever that may be that can result directly as a result of our association. Sometimes that may lead to our death and it is a valid warning. (It could be: lust, pride, greed, deceit, covetousness, murder, theft, or a myriad of sins…brought on by our Association (s).

    But, it does not always have to be that way. God judges each of us INDIVIDUALLY. In fact, I often tell my husband that when he stands in judgment…I will not be standing next to him. He will be judged on his own merits (good or bad). I will be judged on my merits…etc.

    There are no”two-for one” deals in the kingdom.

    You are so right. Sapphira should have spoken up and Adam should have too. They both paid a terrible price for their silence.

    Actually the whole bible speaks wisdom and warnings about the “sin of association…”the entire Book of proverbs talks about being very careful who we associate with. It tells us to keep wisdom and understanding.



    Association is an overt theory in the bible and it can determine your final outcome. As “ambassadors” on this earth…we are not “of” this earth…we are reminded…to remember this and not be influenced by those around us and the way that they live…whether they be our spouses, family members, friends etc.

    So, yes…we can “let” someone else influence us through our association with them to do wrong…BUT the choice IS ours….and we can only go to heaven or hell on our own volition.

    Thank you Glad well for admonishing us…to make healthy and holy choices regarding our OWN salvation as the bible says. Many Thanks…Love Elaine


    ( Probably the most disheartening thing about trying to minister is how easily people can misinterpret our intentions…but we must make it clear just in case anyone might not “get it.” I know that God handpicked you to bring His Word forth…I have studied your writings.

    I understand how a person might want clarity and we welcome valid questions of concern. This is no slam on anyone because the bible is not given to private interpretations…but God reveals his true meaning and unfortunately, when people read articles they may not understand that much time has been spent in prayer and before God so that God’s message can come forth.

    The job of a faith Blogger is no walk in the park. Not, at all. We take it quite seriously. )

  4. I have an extremely difficult time with the “sin by association” theology you are asserting in this article. Wasn’t Jesus known for associating with sinners and publicans?
    My Bible tells me that we are all responsible for our own sins, and not the sins of others (Deut. 24:16). This is the same thing that happened in the Garden with Adam and Eve. The problem was not due to their association, but due to the fact that they both committed the same sin.
    Man and wife are “one flesh” (Mat 19:5). Therefore, in the eyes of God, my wife and I are automatically associated.
    Now, let’s follow this line to its’ conclusion: according to the “guilt by association” theology you have presented, here, I automatically bear the sins of my wife, due to our association. Conversely, she must bear the guilt for any sins I commit, due to our association. If we are one flesh, then this must be true. It naturally follows, then, that if I can be condemned for her sin, I could be redeemed by her righteousness. This is just not scriptural!
    However, what we see happening in Acts chap. 5, is that husband and wife are conspiring together to commit sin. She was not slain because of his sin, she was slain due to the fact that she committed the same sin (see Acts 5:8,9). Her sin was not due to her association with her husband, it was due to the fact that she lied to the Holy Spirit.
    I hope this clears up some of the confusion on this matter.
    With love in Christ,
    lighthousebeaconministry (Paul)

    • Thank you Paul for posting your thoughts on this matter. Yes, its true we are accountable for our own sins. Ananias and Sapphira shared a common sin. The bible doesn’t say if Ananias consulted Sapphira about keeping part of the money. However, Sapphira knew about it. And while she was given the opportunity to disassociate herself not from her husband, but from the sin they shared together, she withheld the truth. I hope this makes the matter clear for you and anyone who reads this article.

      Blessings, Gladwell

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