From the comfort of my home, I wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and love all year round. I made this box of goodies especially for you, with the help of my husband, Chris and our daughter, Renata. I hope you will find strength and courage each day to fill it with love, goodness and tender mercies for your family, friends and people around you and above all for the GLORY OF GOD.

The blueberries were handpicked by my family and I last autumn and represent OUR LOVE ADVENTURES.

The strawberries were bought and frozen for use over the winter period and represent OUR LOVE RESERVIOR.

The scented candles with an orange fragrance represent OUR EVER GLOWING LOVE.

The tiny heart-shaped lid in the middle concealed the greatest gift a man can give to the woman he loves…my engagement ring…and it represents OUR EXTRAVAGANT LOVE to each other for life!

May the Lord cause you to find LOVE EXTRAVAGANT because HE IS LOVE!


  1. I just have to say that I had stopped visiting other sites some time ago. My first experiences on the Internet were not good, but I trusted God.

    God Blessed me with friends in faith who were not pretentious or competing; but kind and helpful; open to help and it did not happen overnight. Eventually, I removed all tags from the Tag Surfer leaving me in a position not to know of any new sites.

    I found your site Gladwell and to this day I do not know how. I read one article you wrote and my heart was greatly moved. The amazing thing was that when I leave a comment now and then; I never come back because I never bookmark it or anything.

    God brought me back to your site and I am so thankful. You have truly inspired us all!

    You’re a FAITH HERO. (with an S in front of it!)

    Love E

    • Elaine, God brought you my way because He knew that I needed you for such a time as this, as an elder sister in the Lord and in ministry and yes, to keep my faith steered in the right direction. No, I am just a vessel willing to be used for HIS HONOR AND GLORY. The rest lies in HIS HANDS!

      Blessings as always,


  2. My dear dear friend! Have a Love filled day in Him and in your household.

    I found a scripture that describes you well:

    Let your] love be sincere (a real thing); hate what is evil [loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness], but hold fast to that which is good. Romans 12: 9

    Gladwell, your site is well named RAINBOW GULF OF LOVE…we all gravitate here to bask in the LOVE that God has anointed your site with!

    A very fine message indeed. Thank you…Thank you!!!


  3. Hi Gladwell,

    this is a beautiful message. I see and read that you are well and your love growing. My love is being battered and I ask for your prayers. Today was a very difficult “Valentine’s Day”. I am trying to remember that Christ’s love surpasses any earthly love, and where I am alone in this world, Christ is right beside me, loving me completely and unconditionally, knowing me fully.

    Love and prayers your way,

    • Hi Gina,

      I have been there…I know the pain and heartache of battered love. But I also know the God who picks up the broken pieces and puts them back together and breathes new life to them. My marriage is a testimony of the LORD’S restoration. To be honest, years ago, I never believed that someone would ever want to marry me…and love me unconditionally. But beyond the human love…I realize that GOD’S LOVE for you and me is real, present and eternal no matter where we are in life. I will keep you in my prayers and be encouraged, my friend. Just remember you are PRECIOUS TO HIM and to me too.

      Love and tight hugs,


      • Hi Gladwell,

        Thank you! Iy has been a really awful valentine’s and I am trying desperately to let go and let God. I cherish your blog, your comments and your living testimony. You are in my prayers and thoughts also, and I would love if you would like to be my friend on facebook. If you would the link is below. If not, I will not be offended, and continue to read and be uplifted by your words, prayers and Christ-like spirit.

        Bless you!


      • Oh yes, Gina. I would love to have you on my facebook account. I will add you on my list. Keep well and please read my post today. I wrote it with you in mind also.

        Love and blessings,


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