Archive | February 14, 2010


From the comfort of my home, I wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and love all year round. I made this box of goodies especially for you, with the help of my husband, Chris and our daughter, Renata. I hope you will find strength and courage each day to fill it with love, goodness and tender mercies for your family, friends and people around you and above all for the GLORY OF GOD.

The blueberries were handpicked by my family and I last autumn and represent OUR LOVE ADVENTURES.

The strawberries were bought and frozen for use over the winter period and represent OUR LOVE RESERVIOR.

The scented candles with an orange fragrance represent OUR EVER GLOWING LOVE.

The tiny heart-shaped lid in the middle concealed the greatest gift a man can give to the woman he loves…my engagement ring…and it represents OUR EXTRAVAGANT LOVE to each other for life!

May the Lord cause you to find LOVE EXTRAVAGANT because HE IS LOVE!