Archive | February 3, 2010


Numbers 11:4:-6 The RABBLE with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, ‘IF ONLY WE HAD MEAT TO EAT! We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost – also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; WE NEVER SEE ANYTHING BUT THIS MANNA!”

A strong but angry statement right there…WE NEVER SEE ANYTHING BUT THIS MANNA! In other words, manna was ‘not their cup of tea.’ These are the words the children of Israel chose to let us know what they thought about GOD’S KITCHEN. Every culture has its identity and FOOD is one of them. What may grow or breed in one country or continent may not necessarily grow or breed in another. Hence, we eat what our Continue reading