Goodness me! Where do I start? It’s good to be alive….and I truly mean that. GOD has been GOOD… and I mean that as well. When my family set out into the unknown this past July, we never could have imagined what was in store for us. Yes…unknowingly, we had set…or rather God had set us up for the next IMPOSSIBLE mission yet to encounter in our lives. Hmm..meeting and marrying my husband was a challenge in itself…and yes, the IMPOSSIBLE then… become POSSIBLE…because of HIS AMAZING GRACE.

Then again…bringing my daughter to the point of birth…was yet another IMPOSSIBLE mission…but became POSSIBLE because of HIS AMAZING GRACE. Then come July…and then August…and what had seemed like a brilliant idea to pack up and leave behind family, friends…and yes, familiarity…becomes infused with deep frustration and ANGER when things didn’t seem to move on as quickly as we had anticipated.

BUT….let me stop there. My soul had to be born again. Yes…on 17 October, the anniversary of my 17th year in the Lord, which was also the first anniversary of this blog, I seat in church listening to the preacher say what I needed to hear. Yes…my heart needed to be REVIVED, RESTORED and REPLENISHED in a new and AMAZING way. Yes…HIS AMAZING GRACE has keep me and my family going…and I can now say…I am rising up again to walk the course He has set out for me.

God has been GOOD…and I mean that! And HIS GRACE has been AMAZING!!!

For all my blogging friends out there….I want to say thank you….for your prayers and love! And for all my readers…known and unknown…I will be back. God has been doing an AMAZING JOB…in my heart and I hope when I will get back on this page…it will show…as it did with Moses whenever He came down from the mountain of the Lord to face the children of Israel.

May the Grace of the Lord be with you, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit now and forevermore. AMEN!!!

9 thoughts on “AMAZING GRACE

  1. Gladwell –
    Praying for you and your family. Where ever in this world you are. Praying that you feel His grace and mercy this advent season.
    Thank you for blessing my life with your blog this past year.

  2. Gladwell, How exciting to hear of His provision for you and your family! What a wonderful answer to our prayers. I am looking forward to your return to regularly blogging about the wonders of our Lord. Peace, Linda

  3. So good to hear your praises ring out here in blog-land! thinking of the verse that says He only does wonderous things . . .and how you can attest to that! Thank you for letting us know that you are surely in His amazing care and love! God bless you! 🙂 deb

  4. I surf the blogs to respond to those who marginalize Jesus and His Glory. I rarely come across an entry which places all glory and good in the Worthy One.

    Father, please post this entry of praise before eyes blind to Your Son. Cause consideration to form in the heart of each reader. May we learn to ponder the Greatness of the Living God of Israel, even Jesus, Your Christ. Amen!

    By His Grace.

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