Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. Yes…my family arrived in the UK on the 7th July and we have been trying to settle in. Obviously, there is still alot to be done…before we can move on but God has been faithful. Walking this road is a SWEET/BITTER experience in itself…but just as a friend sent me an email last week….OUR FAITH ought and should always look away….but LOOK UP at the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our FAITH. And while our circumstances and life sitiuations are different in every sense of that word….WE SHARE THE SAME FAITH….the faith that stays FIXED ON JESUS. The faith that Peter had when he walked on water towards Jesus. The faith that Hannah had as she cried out in faith to the Lord for a baby, the faith that Paul and Silas had when locked up in the prison. I am tapping into that SAME FAITH… and I hope and pray you will take the same grace today and walk down with me…towards the END of the promise.

BY THE WAY….Sarah laughed at the beginning out of fear but in THE END, she laughed out of pleasure. Whatever your reason for laughter….GOD IS FAITHFUL.

PS NOTE: I am not yet back on the net full time. So do bear with me.

13 thoughts on “THANK YOU ALL

  1. Gladwell, It just occurred to me that those of you who are “missing” your writing have probably not read everything you have written here. I know I haven’t because I started reading your blog long after you started it. Perhaps one of those earlier posts are just what we need to hear. So no need to “bear with you.” We all understand that God is leading you and you are following just as you should. Now I think I’m going to go check out some old posts. And continue to keep you in my prayers. Peace, Linda

  2. Gladwell,
    You have been missed very much my sister, by many people as you have traveled to a new home. Our little blog group just hasn’t been the same without you, and you have been in our daily prayers. I pray you and your family settle comfortably into your new home and the Spirit blesses you to be able to write again. God Bless

    • Jim,

      Thank you so much. I have missed you all and especially your encouraging and challenging words. It will take me awhile to catch up but with God all things are possible. Otherwise, my family is well and kept of the Lord. Still getting to know our way around and looking for work…and the right school for our daughter. But, all in all, we have seen the hand of God over our lives again and again. I do believe its because of all the people, you included who have been standing with us in prayer.

      May the Lord bless you mightly,


  3. So, now you’re in the UK. Sounds like a great place to live for a while until you move again, huh? As someone once said, “Wine is poured from one container to another to purify it and remove the dregs.”

    • Larry,

      Yes….the secret is OUT. I am in the UK just about an hour away by train to LONDON. May I take that as a prophecy and say AMEN. Who knows what the Lord has in store for me in the next couple of years? I might be on the move again. You never know. Otherwise, so great to read from you.

      Stay blessed!


    • Deb,

      My heart is blessed by having you for a sister. In His time…I will get back and continue. Meanwhile…be good at what you know to do best with LITTLE WORDS…with a BIG HEART.



    • Janet,

      Wow! So great to hear from you…and thank you. Oh…may the Lord hear your prayers and answer. I am truly blessed by your all.

      Miss you and blessings,


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