Isaiah 52:11 Depart, depart, go out from there! Touch no unclean thing! Come out from it and be pure, you who carry the vessels of the Lord. But you will not LEAVE IN HASTE, or GO IN FLIGHT; for the GOD OF ISRAEL will be your read guard.

Today, I had planned not to post due to my busy schedule. But as I pressed on doing what I thought was important, the Lord impressed these words upon my heart. YOUR STEPS ARE ORDERED! In other words, I don’t need to be in a hurry to get there…because without Him in the picture, I can and will easily stumble. And of course, when you and I stumble, that means, some unnecessary delays.

It was in mid-February when the Lord spoke those words to me from Isaiah 52. At the time, we were under pressure. Our time to move out was drawing near and there were still things to be settled. Then suddenly, the Lord made a WAY for us. A way…in the desert. Yes…it was time for us to move on. But not as the circumstances had dictated…instead, the Lord showed up…and ORDERED OUR STEPS.

Note what the scripture says. As a matter of fact, there is a tone of urgency to leave. DEPART, DEPART, GO OUT FROM THERE! Yet…in the same tone, the Lord is saying…your leaving will not be in a haphazard and disorderly manner. NO. In fact, the time of preparation will be lengthen. Why….because, God is not the Author of confusion. When the enemy comes in like a flood, God always raises up a stand. The children of Israel left Egypt in haste….but when they were leaving the desert….after 40 years, God prepared them for the next move. It was not in HASTE nor in FLIGHT.

God wants you and I to know, that He is ORDERING OUR STEPS. He knows our knees are feeble and weak. He knows the battles we have encountered along the way. He knows the fears we have of the unknown. But He knows this far to well. It is not how careful our steps are, but rather…how carefree our steps should be…as we trust Him to take care of the journey and yes…our destination.

My friend….YOUR STEPS ARE ORDERED OF GOD! Be strong…and trust Him to bring you HOME!

9 thoughts on “YOUR STEPS ARE ORDERED!

  1. Gladwell,

    Great post…To know that my steps are ordered by God and I do not have to walk on it carefully is a great comfort to me…I just have to trust in Him who lead me through…

    Thank you Sis,

  2. Gladwell,
    I thank you, this is a vry good post. I have not always know our stepswere ordered, although when I was younger, I suspected so. Now I know they are, God places me where he wants me every day, no doubt. I know he does with you also and the biggest challenge is our submission. God Bless

    • Jim,

      I agree with you…our part remains only to submit. But…as always, we want to take charge and before we know it…we stray off from God’s perfect will for us. I pray for each one of us…to learn from the MASTER…and follow closely after Him for our own good!



  3. What a sweet encouragement Gladwell! I love the idea of not stepping carefully, but care-free in the steps He creates for us. And Mike’s comment . . .so beautiful and perfect to go with this! I love seeing God show up on these blogs! 🙂 Thank you, sweet one, and I’m blessed by the path He has ordered for you! deb

    • Deb,

      In fact, I ended up the most encouraged by Mike’s Poem. Really did some good to my soul. Yes…we need to find rest in the God who never fails nor sleeps! Your steps…are carefree in Him…I supposes!!!!!

      Love and hugs,


  4. Great one Gladwell. Yes our steps,(one step at a time in obediende to the Lord and His leadings) are ordered from the Lord. God bless Bisi

  5. I made this comment on someone else’s site but it is too fitting not to make it here as well.

    Last week I mowed some property I was trying to sell. In addition to the open areas, I mowed paths into the woods. Yesterday I went back and walked the paths with snippers. As I walked I snipped any branches that were in the walk path. I remember as I was cutting one of the branches – if they will just stay on the paths I have cleared for them, they will have an enjoyable walk.

    Does not our Lord go ahead of us and clear paths for us. If we just walk in them. If we would just wait on Him to clear them.

    I close with a poem I wrote a year or so ago.

    Is it Any Wonder

    Is it any wonder that He knows
    the steps that I should take?
    He goes ahead to clear the way,
    a path for me to make.

    He alone knows where I’m bound
    and how to get me there;
    to follow close and listen well,
    this my only care.

    • Mike,

      Thank goodness. That Poem has done me good! …TO FOLLOW CLOSE AND LISTEN WELL, this my only care! What a solid and sound confirmation. My eyes are teary!!!! God bless you and as always for your thought-through meditations!


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