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Genesis 43:33 The men had been seated before him in the order of their ages, from the firstborn to the youngest; and they looked at each other in astonishment. When the portions were served to them from Joseph’s table, BENJAMIN’S PORTION was FIVE TIMES as much as anyone else’s. So they feasted and drink freely with him.

We all know the story of Joseph’s reunion with his brothers in Egypt. And while the story is incredible in itself, a perfect example of forgiveness for us to follow, in those few lines above I saw something I had never seen before. BENJAMIN’S PORTION.

But before I expound on this one, let me give you a little background about BENJAMIN.

Benjamin was the second and last son of JACOB AND RACHEL.
Benjamin was given the name Ben-Oni by his mother Rachel but his father changed it to Benjamin.
Benjamin’s birth was difficult and his mother Rachel died immediately after he was born.
Benjamin was born on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem) and his mother was buried there.
But the most important of all these facts is that, BENJAMIN was the only son borne to Jacob after God had changed his name to ISRAEL. In other words, BENJAMIN WAS THE FIRST AND ONLY SON OF ISRAEL.

So here is the truth about Benjamin. Continue reading



Today, 2000 years ago…everything changed! No…it wasn’t just change for something new and evolving. But it was a change for eternity. A change which the devil in all his wit and schemes hasn’t seen it coming. No…there was no revolution or insurrection. But…there was a PUBLIC OUTRAGE.

Luke 23:18-20 With ONE VOICE they cried out, ‘Away with this man! Release Barabbas to us! (Barabbas had been thrown into prison for an insurrection in the city, and for murder.) Wanting to release Jesus, Pilate appealed to them again. But they kept shouting, ‘CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!”

And in EXCHANGE for Barabbas…Jesus went to the Cross. And yes…in EXCHANGE FOR YOU AND ME…Jesus went to the Cross. Jesus went to the cross bearing our sin and become our atonement. Therefore, that Friday 2000 years ago become a GOOD FRIDAY INDEED. And today, as we remember that day, I leave you with these words of assurance for your salvation. Continue reading


Luke 22:3 Then SATAN ENTERED Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve.
Luke 22:31 ‘Simon, Simon, SATAN HAS ASKED to sift you as wheat.

TWO MEN….Judas, the Iscariot and Simon Peter. Three years earlier, before Jesus entered the scene, they were just ordinary men. One was a fisherman at the shores of Galilee and the other, nothing much is said about him before then. But here there are,…three years on sitting with a man called Jesus of Nazareth…whom they have come to love, revere and have deep admiration for. Yes…here at the table of communion. The Lord’s heart is deeply troubled. Yes…because the time has come…THE TIME which His Father had been waiting for. To glorify His Son through a death…DEATH ON THE CROSS.

But while Jesus knows that His death is imminent, His heart is also deeply troubled by the fate of two men…men who had been part of His team. Men…who had shared bread at His dinner table, listened to His sermons and teachings, men who had witnessed great miracles. And yet…these two men, Judas, the Iscariot and Simon Peter has something else in common which the Lord knows about: SATAN’S PLANS WITH THEIR LIVES. Continue reading


Psalm 37:7 Be still before the Lord and WAIT PATIENTLY for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Yesterday…he almost succeeded at his scheming…yes, I am talking about the devil. For awhile, he almost had me by his side…but note, I said for awhile. I couldn’t sleep because I needed to hear HIS VOICE last…the voice of THE SHEPHERD. So, I woke up and reached out for my bible and went over to the Psalms. Psalm 37 caught my eye and I started reading. If I had reason to feel upset…I heard HIS VOICE through these words in verse 8; REFRAIN FROM ANGER AND TURN FROM WRATH, DO NOT FRET_ IT LEADS ONLY TO EVIL.

Just a few verses before the Lord had said BE STILL…AND WAIT PATIENTLY. What? What does He mean I wait patiently. God…are you serious? Right there and then…I saw something amazing hidden between the lines of Psalm 37 that I had never seen before: THE LAND...my inheritance. And at the same time, I also saw something else which had escaped my notice up until last night. In Psalm 37 alone,…the word WICKED and EVIL is mentioned 19 times which is 15 more times than the word LAND which is mentioned only 4 times.

DID HE SAY WAIT? Oh my goodness…how can God ask me to wait patiently while all the while evil and wickedness is all that I see and hear all day long? Lord, how can I wait in the midst of so much evil and wickedness? Then He brought me back to the 4 times the word LAND is mentioned. Continue reading


Philippians 2:5-9 YOUR ATTITUDE should be the same as that of CHRIST JESUS:
Who, being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but MADE HIMSELF NOTHING, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being obedient to death_ even death on a cross! Therefore God EXALTED HIM to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name,…

It was one of my many conversations with the Lord. This past week, I was asking the Lord. WHY HUMILITY? Why did you have to pass me/my family through this painful path of humility? Is it necessary or mandatory? A couple of days after asking this question…the Lord answered. ‘I HAVE STRIPPED YOU OF VAIN GLORY.’

The Lord took me back to the story of Moses. He was born in Egypt during the time when the children of Israel were under bondage and when Pharaoh had ordered for the killing of every male child born into a Hebrew family. But with God’s intervention…Moses survived when Pharaoh’s daughter took him under her wings as her own son. So…while the children of Israel was oppressed and forced to work under very difficult circumstances, Moses….grew up and walked on the CORRIDORS OF POWER at the Pharaoh court. Oh…his heart was with his Hebrew brothers and sisters, but his presence and loyalty was with the Pharaoh and his family. In every sense of that word…HE HAD GLORY…or so it seemed.

Then everything changed. One day…he killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew. The following day, he tried to intervene between two Hebrews fighting, and to his utter shock, he heard these words. WHO MADE YOU RULER AND JUDGE OVER US? Before he knew it, the glory he once enjoyed was no longer his. Hence…he fled to the desert. You see, VAIN GLORY…is just but for a time and a season. Without HUMILITY….your glory will soon fade away or be stripped from you with one wrong move you make. One moment, Moses was the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and the next, he was a fugitive on the run. Continue reading


John 12:13 They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “HOSANNA! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the King of Israel!”

Oh…I SEE THE CROWD…IT IS HUGE and growing by the hour! I see…children, young men and women, and the older ones are joining in too. Oh…I see the blind men whose sight were restored…and the lepers who are no longer outcasts.. Oh…I see the one’s who had tested death but Jesus raised them back to life. I see the Samaritan woman and the woman with the issue of blood, the smile on their faces tell their story more than a thousand words. And how can I miss out on the Centurion whose daughter was restored to health and Jesus was so deeply impressed by his faith . I see sane men who were once demon possessed. The shouts and jubilation gets louder. Oh…JERUSALEM has never seen anything like this before. Right there in front of their eyes...HISTORY is in the making. Continue reading


Proverbs 13:21 Misfortune pursues the sinner, but PROSPERITY IS THE REWARD of the RIGHTEOUS.

Oh…I have touched on a topic which many have come to loathe….Or I might be wrong? What is your view on prosperity? Do you think Kingdom prosperity is an ASSET or a REWARD? First let us define these two words:

AN ASSET is: the entire property owned by a person; valuable item that is OWNED; useful or valuable quality, person or thing; an ADVANTAGE OR RESOURCE.

A REWARD is: taking reward of thine own value; the fruit of one’s labor or works; that which is given in return for good or evil done; receive for some services or attainment as for excellence in studies; recompense, requital.

While the discussion has become heated about whether it is right to preach or teach about prosperity in the Kingdom, I believe with all my heart that God was and is still the AUTHOR of the word PROSPERITY! If it weren’t the case, He wouldn’t care to repeat the same to the children of Israel as they prepared themselves to enter into the Promised land. But remember….PROSPERITY is not an ASSET; it is A REWARD. Continue reading


Judges 1:1-2 After the death of Joshua, the Israelites asked the Lord, ‘Who will be the first to go up and fight for us against the Canaanites?” The Lord answered, “JUDAH IS TO GO; I HAVE GIVEN THE LAND INTO THEIR HANDS.”

Today, for the first time I seem to be lost for words. Why? Because I wake up this morning with a JOY, AN UNSPEAKABLE JOY….yes, a joy which I cannot put in words, a joy that has refused to be contained, a joy that I have to quickly and urgently share with someone out there. GOD is about to BREAKTHROUGH for me…HE is about to BREAKTHROUGH for you. But He spoke into my heart these words: JUDAH HAS TO GO FIRST.

JUDAH means PRAISE….So I am here to let you know, that I am going first. I am offering Him…my greatest, deepest, loudest praise of all times. For those of you who have been waiting…HE IS SAYING…before YOUR BREAKTHROUGH, let me hear A BREAKOUT of praise. He is waiting for you and me.

I leave you with these scriptures verses as join me in the BREAKOUT OF PRAISE. Continue reading


Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed OUR MESSAGE and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

ADVERTISE means to present or praise (goods, services etc) to the public especially in order to encourage sales; to make publicly known. In simpler terms ADVERTISING means sending out a MESSAGE publicly. Hence the above scripture can also read this way:

Who has believed OUR ADVERT and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed.

We all have to agree that in our modern society, ADVERTS have become a part of us almost as natural as the air we breathe. In every corner you turn, there is a form of MESSAGE which is aimed at you. And while advertising is not evil or bad in itself, its the seductive way the message is conveyed that is really the problem. You see, most adverts are directed towards your sensual appetite. What you see, touch, feel, taste and hear.

But why do people advertise in the first place? There are three main reasons;to introduce something new, to stand out as the best among rivals or to be seen as authentic. So did God score well on these three? Oh, if you didn’t know ISAIAH 53 is the grand way God first introduced HIS SON, JESUS to the world. But wait a minute? Why would God, the Creator choose to introduce HIS ONE AND ONLY BELOVED in such a crude, unedited form? If you read Isaiah 53 this in what you will come across;

– He is lacking in BEAUTY OR MAJESTY… nothing we are uncomfortable with.
– He is lacking in APPEARANCE…and of course, he doesn’t fit in our celebrity world.
– He is BEATEN UP and DESPISED..we have no time for the downtrodden in life.
– He is SICKLY and MOURNFUL…we prefer stadiums and theaters than hospital corridors or elderly homes.
– He is UNMANLY and QUIET…we like rebels and advocates of whatever rights.
– He is DEAD and GONE…we go on with our business as if nothing happened.

But I have news for you, what might have seemed like the most UNWISE, NONSTRATEGIC ADVERT of all times became the MOST EFFECTIVE of them all. Because unlike the message of the world, God does not appeal to us through our sensuality,that is (indulgence) but rather through sensitivity, that is (common sense). What you see, hear or read is not necessary what you need, but rather to look closely again at God’s ONE TIME advert. If I am not wrong…You will see yourself…the self you don’t like, the self you are not comfortable with, the self who has known nothing but rejection, the self that is lost in spite of all knowledge. And the most painful truth, the self that is DEAD while still living.

GOD’S ADVERT OF HIS SON...is actually YOU AND ME. He who did not know sin became sin for you and me. So next time, you see an advert what is offering you something better, remember there is ONE who did a good job, once and for all…and then HE CEASED ADVERTISING.

Jesus is THE ONE AND ONLY SON OF GOD; He has NO RIVALS; He is AUTHENTIC. Believe in HIS MESSAGE and live!!!!


Matthew 24:2 “DO YOU SEE ALL THESE THINGS?” he asked. “I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.”

From time to time, God causes things to happen in the physical to reaffirm and reassure OUR FAITH. Hence, the topic of today…WHEN SEEING IS BELIEVING.

The above words are Jesus’ spoken to his disciples almost at the end of His earthly ministry. His disciples had drawn his attention to the temple building. And Jesus quickly asked and answered his own question. ” DO YOU SEE….In other words, when you see…you will believe. Shortly after, the disciples went to Him at the Mount of Olives to inquire further into the details…Yes, they needed to know what awaited them in the physical, prior to His return and the End of the Age. Jesus’ answer may have surprised them. Why? Because, the signs which he related to them meant they had to be SEEN with the physical human eyes for one to understand. And here are some of them; Continue reading