Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was RAHAB, Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was RUTH, Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of David. Matthew 1:5-6

The Gospel of Matthew begins the life of Jesus with his geneology. It introduces Jesus backwards by way of showing us his lineage. And while some women are mentioned along with their husbands in his geneology,  two of them particularly stands out. RAHAB and RUTH. They are part of Our Lord’s earthly lineage not by accident, but AGAINST THE ODDS.

You see, both of them were foreigners; one a prostitute and the other, a widow. In the natural, where they were in life seemed prove enough of the future they were likely to face. Rahab must have already given up hope of ever finding a man who could love her for who she really was. She knew that she was no husband material. Ruth on the other hand, had clung to her mother-in-law, Naomi out of a deep loyalty as a way of honoring what she had with her son. No, another marriage was nowhere near her mind.

But AGAINST THE ODDS, the Lord brought opportunity in both their lives which needed a RADICAL OBEDIENCE. And although as foreigners God was as much removed from their everyday reality as can possibly be, when opportunity came knocking they both obeyed without a second thought.

Maybe that you today….God is asking you to do something AGAINST THE ODDS. There are no promises of a grand future….but that might just be what you might miss by not OBEYING. It might be someone in your lineage…they laid the foundation against the odds and now you are reaping the harvest. God wants you and I to look backwards and be thankful for those against the odds moments and He is also calling us to go ahead and do the right thing against the odds to give the future generation something to look back as Our Lord Jesus did and hence move forward with a grateful heart, against the odds.





10 thoughts on “AGAINST THE ODDS

  1. Gladwell,
    I want to make a correction to the comment I just wrote. Rahab’s son was Boaz, not Obed. I checked my BIble just now. So, it’s even more amazing, Rahab was Ruth’s mother in law! And Obed, David’s grandfather, was the son of Ruth. I am certain that the seeds that godly mothers are sowing today, are fruits that will be sown in future generations, just like Boaz, Obed, Jesse, and David!

  2. Hi Gladwell,
    What a delight to visit your blog today and find some new posts. I have missed reading your words. This one touches a chord in my heart. Rahab and Ruth are two of my favorite women in the Bible. It’s amazing to know that Rahab was the mother of Obed, the grandfather of King David. And out of this lineage, the Messiah is born.

    Yes, these women really went against the odds. I don’t really know if it is true that Salmon (the man who loved Rahab enough to want to marry her) is one of the two spies that hid in her house… but probably it is true. So, isn’t it amazing that the people we encounter aren’t really accidental, but God ordained!

    Blessings on you today, dear friend.


  3. Just spoke on Ruth last week in church. What a great story of love and trust and grace. God moves when we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and he can use anyone who is willing to accomplish his will. Great post!

  4. What an encouraging post, Gladwell. Thank you for getting me to think about those against the odds moments and the difference they can make. God bless you!

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