John 20:27 Then He said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hands and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

It is with no doubt the most overly used phrase when referring to a person who needs the convincing before they jump into the boat. Yes…doubting Thomas of course. But this last Easter, I was once again reminded that doubting Thomas needed not be the one who met Jesus in flesh and blood. Countless of times, I have needed the convincing and persuading that HIS SCARS are for real. Like Thomas, I realised that when Jesus had asked him to reach out and TOUCH HIS SCARS…it wasn’t to condemn him or call him unfaithful. But rather He was asking Thomas to believe inspite of…what He had witness a few days earlier.

Maybe thats you…Jesus is asking you to TOUCH HIS SCARS. Jesus is giving you the access to see the evidence of His pain, His passion, His love, His forgiveness and His lovingkindness which He gave willing at the Cross of Calvary. I needed to TOUCH HIS SCARS today. What about you?

6 thoughts on “TOUCH MY SCARS

  1. Thank you for this precious reminder. I need to keep Him fresh in my mind and heart today. God bless you as you reach out and touch Him and are touched by Him.

  2. Well done! I have needed to reach out as well! What’s more, I believe we as His disciples, ought to follow His example and allow people to touch us and not pretend that the circumstances that come to “kill” us has affected us at all. I hope that makes sense. God bless!

    • Hallo Sebastian,

      We all need to see and touch His scars from time to time…especially when we think you have reach a place beyond the shakings. God bless.


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