Archive | April 6, 2012


Matthew 27:55 Many WOMEN were there, watching from a distance. There had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs.

It is Good Friday. But 2000 years ago, they didn’t quite call it that. Yes, the WOMEN who had been following Jesus as he was moved from one courthouse to another must have had their worst nightmare ever. They had seen Jesus being betrayed by the very crowd that had stood out the week before calling out ‘HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST’ as he passed through their city. It must have been frightening to see such a quick change of heart from the crowd. But inspite of all this, the WOMEN had remained true to their calling…. TO MINISTER to the needs of their LORD!

Yes…as you remember that GOOD FRIDAY…. remember those WOMEN and consider their courage. Remember the sick, the hungry, the lost…and the unlovable. Remember that the Lord needs…YOU & ME just as he did 2000 years ago. And yes…this will be another GOOD FRIDAY in the making.

God bless you.