Proverbs 24:27 Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; AFTER THAT, BUILD YOUR HOUSE.

I remember reading the above Proverb sometime last month…and it left me pondering for days. I had even considered posting from it…but nothing concrete seemed to come to me. No revelation whatsoever was forthcoming! Then this morning, I woke up feeling as if I have suddenly lost foot. Our plans as a family almost seems threatened. After some thought, the words of Proverbs 24:27 came rushing back. It was as if God wanted to reassure me about MY HOUSE! Yes…OUR HOUSE.

Before I explain where I am heading with this, let me first remind you what a HOUSE represents for each one of us:

SECURITY: That means a roof over your head gives you a sense of being protected from danger or harm.
STABILITY: That means you have somewhere to go back to every time and all the time. It gives you a sense of continuity.
SETTLEMENT: That means you are now rested and your roots are put down. It gives you a sense of permanency.

With these three points in mind, it may seem more practical and normal for each one of us to desire to have or BUILD OUR HOUSE FIRST…and not as the Proverbs puts it…AFTER doing all the other things. But then again, when I read Proverbs 24;27 I realised I was reading my own life story. In fact, MY GOD STORY.

While I have desired for so long to reach that place of SETTLEMENT, the Lord had other plans for my life. He is the One who gave me…and you, I suppose the outdoor assignment. You and I have been busy preparing the fields for the harvest of the nations. And in the same way, after we have done our bit, He will bring us to the place of BUILDING OUR HOUSE. Just because your house will be BUILD LAST doesn’t mean you will loss out on the best. In fact, since your HOUSE WILL BE BUILD LAST…you will be surprised at what God has in store for you. Remember, He is still the God who SAVES THE BEST WINE FOR THE LAST John 2:10

By WISDOM your house will be built…and that means SECURITY
By UNDERSTANDING your house will be established…and that means STABILITY
By KNOWLEDGE your house will be full of treasure…and that means SETTLEMENT Proverbs 24:3-4

My friend…you cannot build a house to last if you have no experience. God has placed you to work outside and prepare the field and in turn, you will gain much WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING and KNOWLEDGE to BUILD YOUR HOUSE LAST…which will LAST not only in YOUR LIFETIME…but throughout generations.

But for many…to BUILD THEIR HOUSE LAST is almost impossible.

Luke 9:58-62 Jesus replied, ‘Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has NOWHERE to lay his head.” He said to another man, ‘Follow man.’ But the man replied, ‘Lord, FIRST let me bury my father.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and PROCLAIM the KINGDOM OF GOD.’ Still another said, ‘I will follow you, Lord; but FIRST let me go back and say goodbye to my family.’ Jesus replied, ‘No-one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.’

I don’t know where you are? But are you willing to work outside? Are you willing to prepare the fields? God knows your needs…and your need for a HOUSE…but work for Him first…and you will never be disappointed. Not NOW…and not EVER!

9 thoughts on “BUILD YOUR HOUSE LAST

  1. Gladwell,
    The wisdom in this post is as jewells in a crown. When Jesus tells them to “come now” rather than busy themselves with things of this world, He is instructing them on the urgency of His message. It is interesting to note that both of the requested delays were “feeling” based. Feeling the obligation to bury a loved ones body, Feeling the need to say goodbye. That is also a lesson on the importance “we” place on emotions and feelings, and how much weight “God” places on them.
    God Bless

    • Jim,

      Yes…so many times…I find myself leaning more on feelings than basing my faith in the sure promises of God. I am still a student of the Word…thankfully.

      God bless.

  2. Oh Gladwell . . .this really was for me. but, then, aren’t they all? 🙂 It reminds of the verse to seek first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added. And it goes along with waiting too, doesn’t it? Thank you so much for your obedience to Him! love, deb

    • Deb,

      I have sensed for a long time…your desire and God knows it perfectly. He never fails His children. Weeping may last a night…but joy comes in the morning…to STAY! Your redemption is drawing near.

      Blessings and hugs.

  3. Right on time as usual Gladwell….Had been longing for a place of settlement for many years..but facing many uncertainities in life..we were not able to take a decision…But recently we see God working things in a different way and sometimes I feel…did we lose many opportunities…But this post was a great assurance that if we care for the field and are willing to work for God outside the comforts of home…then God will take care of our need…the need for a house..and I trust Him because He keeps the best for the last..

    This post made me smile..Gladwell.
    God Bless,

  4. Gladwell, This post spoke to me in a way I am sure you did not expect. In the place of “build your house” God said to me “write your book.” For some time I have wanted to write a book, but I have had to first “work in the fields” and wait for the right time. I realize from your post that the time still is not right, but what you have written has laid patience upon my heart to wait for the right time, to wait for God. Peace, Linda

    • Linda,

      I am happy for you….and the timely God has for you to write your book. When the time comes…the grace also will be provided to began and bring it to completion. I have seen His hand many times over. Will keep your vision and desire in prayer!


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