2 Corinthians 1:3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the FATHER OF COMPASSION and the GOD OF ALL COMFORT, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can COMFORT THOSE in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Wow! I have to say here one thing before I start. By reading this scripture verse, I understand why so many people are lost for words when it comes to comforting others! If you have never been comforted…you might not know how to comfort another in trouble. And while it is true, at one time or another you might have been on the receiving end of comfort…that still doesn’t qualify you to be a source of comfort for others.

One thing though makes all the difference: GOD….the GOD OF ALL COMFORT!

By comforting one who is in trouble…one doesn’t need to look up for the right soundly words. I learned that a little over a year ago. A friend was in trouble. BIG TROUBLE. My words…no matter how well meaning could do nothing to lighten her burden. Instead…her burden became my burden. Even though she never got to know it…I ached as much as she did. I wanted so badly to fix her situation…but I didn’t know how. I cried her tears; I asked her questions; My heart bled for her dreams; Then God showed up….to comfort her! Suddenly, my burden for her lifted. And in the most amazing way…words…WORDS OF COMFORT began flowing from my mouth. And she listened…and little by little, God began patching together her broken heart!

God made me see and understanding this:

– My words and yours for that matter will always be inadequate to comfort one who is in trouble.
– You and I cannot possibly comfort someone if you are not willing to step into their shoe.
– It is God who determines the proper time for the use of words to comfort.
– And above all, comforting others is not a one-time event but that a learning to walk through the season with the one in need.

Is someone you know in need of comfort? Have you tried on their shoe? Are you careful with your words? Are you willing to let God lead you? Are you willing to engage for the long haul?

These are questions you and I should look at squarely before we jump ship…in our desire to comfort others.

Samuel 20:41 After the boy had gone, David got up from the south side of the stone and bowed down before Jonathan three times, with his face to the ground. Then they kissed each other and WEPT TOGETHER – but David WEPT THE MOST.

14 thoughts on “COMFORTING OTHERS

  1. “Beautiful”!!! So very good Gladwell,we must have a heart for others and God’s love to truly comfort others,your post is so on time and encouraging.
    Love you πŸ˜€

  2. Sister,
    Empathy is something that has been lost in many places for decades, possibly even longer. People have become accostomed to looking the other way. I love the scripture “FATHER OF COMPASSION and the GOD OF ALL COMFORT”. there is nothing to add to that!
    God Bless

    • Jim,

      Bless you! Yes…He is the Father of Compassion and the God of all comfort…and we, His children should follow after His footsteps. At least, thats what He desires of us.


  3. You ask a tough question before that requires invested time. Unfortunately, it is so much easier to make a comment to someone hurting like: “Oh, it won’t be this bad forever.” And, then I go back to my own self concern.

    Really experiencing the emotions involved in someone’s pain takes patience.

    I need to be more aware of the pain of others and how to help–thanks for posting.

    • Slamdunk,

      You said it well. Comforting others requires INVESTED TIME. For many, that is too much to ask. But in reality, they might be the next person on line who will be in need of comfort. The word says…HE THAT REFRESHES OTHERS WILL HIMSELF BE REFRESHED!

      God bless you,


  4. I will remember these words, for future times and for those around me now. Lidj was so helpful too, to share how just being quiet around someone can be comforting. It has been 7 years since my mom’s 3rd husband passed away. She is still grieving and some will get upset with her, tell her it’s time to move on. 😦 She needs comfort from God . . .and me. Thanks for helping!!! love, deb

    • Deb,

      Its true…people are quick to put a time frame on how long one should grieve for their loved ones. Most of the time, grieving might take a lifetime, even when the person grieving might not necessary talk about it. God…after all is the one who know our hearts best and sees when we are bleeding within. May your mum find peace in Him! Yes…she needs the GOD OF ALL COMFORT…especially as years go by.

      Love and blessings,


  5. “My words and yours for that matter will always be inadequate to comfort one who is in trouble….”

    How impotent I often feel when there is nothing I can say or do to help a hurting person. Thanks for reminding me…I needed it.

    • Larry,

      Words…have their rightful place. And at times…its silence that speaks louder than words. I understand what you are saying here…perfectly!



  6. Gladwell,

    Good to see you back my dear…You have God given words that speak to my needs all the time…and I missed that last week…

    We can see someone else’s pain only if we imagine ourselves in their shoes…but if we consider our issues and problems..the will never be able to see what others go through….If we have at the recieving end even once…we ought to give back…we may not know how to comfort others through words….but as Lidj said…just by being there in those silent moments…thats more than enough…and sometimes we fail to do it…

    But you know what…even when people neglect our needs..there is a God who understands our heart aches and sobs…He will embrace us in His loving arms..
    God Bless,

    • Rani,

      Thank you my dear. Yes…by His Grace I am back. I remember these words from my former pastor. It is one thing to be loved or hated, it is another to encounter indifference. Most of the times, we act indifferently towards the hurt and pain of others…which is far more worse than hate or love. May the Lord have mercy on us…the Church!

      Love and hugs,


  7. Gladwell, you are so right about what you wrote here. When my husband passed away about 18 months ago, there was nothing anyone could do to ease the aching void inside of me. Absolutely no living person. There was just one very painful black hole inside of me.

    I was smiling a bit, and I had that serene aura around me, everybody said to me that they admired my strength, and my trust in God. I wasn’t doing anything at all… not trying to be strong at all. All I felt was that life has been sucked out of me… and if I looked at the future, it looked black. I was numb from head to foot. I couldn’t even shed tears.

    So, I know it was God keeping me together.

    And all these months, as I had shared a lot about it during the past year, God began to heal me.

    Only God could comfort me.

    DUring my grieving season, it was those who said nothing but just stood by me …they were the ones who gave a measure of comfort. By not saying anything at all.

    Thanks for this post, it ministered to me all over again. For after all, there is a part of me that will always grieve. But somehow, my mourning has already turned to joy over the months, and I know it was God who did that for me!


    • Amen! I know healing…takes time…not as the world might see it, but in God’s good time. You have been ministered to…and along the way, God is bringing the ones who are hurting and allowing you to be His hand of comfort for them. And even when we are in a different season, the scars of our past hurt are and will still be evident. You have been ministering to me…in a very personal way every time I read your posts. God has give you a ministry of words…deep and thought-filled words that cut deep into the soul. And I thank God for you. Be strong and courageous for Him.

      With love,


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