1 Corinthians 15:25-26 For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. THE LAST ENEMY to be destroyed is death.

I have heard this declaration by Christians more often than not. ‘I HAVE NO ENEMIES.’ But the truth be told. Yes…you have enemies. In fact, from the very moment you openly declared your allegiance to follow the Lord Jesus, your first and greatest enemy became the devil. The devil uses other agents to oppose the purpose of God from being accomplished in your life. And while his agents maybe physical, emotional or spiritual…the most effective of them all is when he uses people.

This morning….the Lord whispered these words into my heart. ‘I WILL USE YOUR LAST ENEMY TO THRUST YOU INTO YOUR DESTINY.’ Suddenly, I understood what that meant. Throughout the bible history, we see people who rose up to oppose God’s chosen servants. And while facing their enemy, in human weakness, God always entered into their situation to show Himself strong on their behalf.

We see SAMSON…although deprived of his freedom and eyesight…God helped him to destroy his LAST ENEMY.

Judges 16:30 Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!’ Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed MANY MORE when he died than while he was alive.

We see ESTHER...a Hebrew girl with a conceal identity become queen. Risking death…she entered the King’s presence to plead for the lives of her people. And God helped him to destroy her LAST ENEMY.

Esther 8:7-8 King Xerxes replied to Queen Esther and to Mordecai, the Jew, ‘Because Haman attacked the Jews, I have given his estate to Esther, and they have HANGED HIM on the gallows. Now write another decree in the king’s name on behalf of the Jews as seems best to you, and seal it with the king’s signet ring _ for no document written in the king’s name and sealed with his ring can be revoked.’

We see DANIEL…a Jew in exile who remained faithful to the law of God. A decree is passed to worship the king. As was his custom, Daniel knelt to no other but the God of Israel in prayer fully aware of the death penalty at the lions’ den. God helped destroy his LAST ENEMY.

Daniel 6:23-24 The king was overjoyed and gave orders to lift Daniel out of the den. And when Daniel was lifted from the den, no wound was found on him, because he had trusted in his God. At the king’s command, the men who had falsely accused Daniel were brought in and thrown into the lions’ den along with their wives and children. And before they reached the floor, the lions overpowered them and crushed all their bones.

We see JESUS…THE SON come to earth in human form…and even though he was God, he humbled himself to a cruel and humiliating death…and whilr the one who had opposed Him over the ages thought He had won at last, on the three day….God raised Jesus from the death…and helped him destroy the LAST ENEMY…and ours too, for time and eternity.

Acts 13:36 ‘For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers and his body decayed. But the one who GOD RAISED FROM THE DEAD did not see decay.

I don’t know who is your LAST ENEMY..but I know this. God has not changed the purpose of your enemy in your life. Your enemy, most of the time is a blessing in disguise! Don’t run away from him…let God use him to accomplish His purpose in your life.


16 thoughts on “YOUR LAST ENEMY

  1. I’ve faced the enemy in recent days, and you’re right… he sometimes disguises himself most cleverly via people. Inanimate objects are a bit easier to confront and defeat, but attach human flesh to the issue, and well, there pot is stirred most fervently.

    Great insight, friend. Prayers for you and your family this day. I’d appreciate the same.


    • Elaine,

      I feel for you, my friend. Oh…the enemy cannot stand it when he sees we have gained victory…and he will use those closed or acquainted with us to somewhat diluted our joy and peace. Stay put…don’t not give him room to linger a little bit longer. You are an overcomer…and God will see you through this as He always has. I am rejoicing with you…and that through your book…many will find PEACE FOR THEIR JOURNEY…in Jesus’ Name.

      I will keep you in prayer!

      Love and blessings as always,


  2. Gladwell! I had never thought of this and I loved all the examples you gave. You have given me a clearer vision and hope, in the place where I am! 🙂 God bless you, His special child! deb

  3. Great lesson today.

    Your posting reminded me of a passage from a book by the Rev. Eugene Peterson called Living the Message (the entry is entitled “Praying for Our Enemies”)

    I had to go look up the reference.

    I won’t fill the comment section without the entire page of text, but here is how Peterson closes:

    “But we must not imagine that loving and praying for our enemies in love is a strategy that will turn them into good friends. Love is the last thing that our enemies want from us and often acts as a goad to redouble their fury. Love requires vulnerability, forgiveness, and response; the enemies want power, control, and dominion. The enemies that Jesus loved and prayed for killed him.”

    • Slamdunk,

      Wow. A fresh perspective! For one…I used to think that by praying for the enemy, their attitude towards me might change somewhat. But…as Rev. Peterson states here…I have learned the hard way. Most of the time, the very people you are praying for wouldn’t care if you were alive or dead. However, I have learned this…when dealing with the enemy, it not more about them…but guarding my heart from the filth of the flesh that matters the most! Thank you for this additional thought on my post.

      God bless,


  4. Gladwell, I have experienced God overcoming many of my enemies in the past when I did not have the strength to defeat them myself, and I was blessed as a result. I look forward to the day when my last enemy is overcome by God for me. Peace, Linda

    • Linda,

      It is great to know that we…who are weak are also strong because of the Power that is made manifest in us in our weakness. God is and will always show Himself on behalf of His beloved…now and anytime we call on Him. I thank God for victory each time over our enemies. And yes…that day will come when our last enemy will become our footstool.

      Blessings your way!


  5. Amen! The enemy would love to make us think he doesn’t exist or that we are powerless to defeat him. Niether is true. He is there and through Jesus Christ he IS defeated. To God be the Glory!

    • Mike,

      Oh…how true a saying…we who are in Christ have victory guaranteed long before the battle begins. And yes…the enemy id defeated! Jesus said…be of good cheer…I have overcome the world.

      Thanks and blessings,


  6. Gladwell,
    A very well put together lesson to think upon. You are right, all Christians have at least one enemy. Also, enemies make us strive to be stronger through Him, if we went un-opposed in life, we might begin to think we don’t need Christ and think our strength was coming from ourselves. Thanks for a great lesson
    God Bless

    • Jim,

      You are right. God uses our enemies to make us strong where they might have beem destroyed. I am learning to thank God for my enemies…no matter what!

      Thank you and God bless!


  7. Gladwell,

    When God speaks to us, everytime it is a great revelation..isn’t it? I thank God for the wisdom He has given you to understand what He spoke to you and relate that to many scriptures..

    Never thought of it that way…and was really a fresh manna for me..Thank you for sharing

    Blessings my sis,

    • Rani,

      Yes…without His Spirit…we cannot understand the wisdom hidden in the Word. Whatever He says….I pass it on. God bless you too, my dear!


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