Romans 13:8 Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing DEBT TO LOVE one another, for he who loves his fellow-man has fulfilled the law.

By nature right from birth, the human baby has the desire to love and to be loved! The family home, i.e mother and father…and in other cases, siblings are the first contact where the baby begins to understand and function in love. In receiving and giving love, the child develops an emotional bond with the family which gives the child a sense of security and being needed!

Well, as a child, I never had that complete sense of security…because my parents divorced when I was hardly 3 years old. My mother remarried soon after that…and my stepfather substituted the place of my biological father. Over the years, even though I didn’t know it…I held back my love. THE LOVE THAT WAS DUE TO MY NATURAL FATHER. My relationship with my stepfather was more of a formal kind with no particular emotional bond, while I was too much emotionally attached to my mother. But something else was also missing. As a teenage and in my early adulthood, I didn’t care much about men. And even when I got into a relationship…I never came close to surrendering my heart to any man. There was always a safe emotional distance between us.

Then one day something changed. After 23 years, I met my biological father for the first time. And for the very first time in my life…I LOVED A MAN. I loved my father with my whole surrendered heart. In spite of the circumstances and his absence in my life…my heart welled up with love like I had never known possible. The love I had held back for all those years…came out in all its full force. Yes…it was the DEBT OF LOVE...I owed my father all those agonising 23 years. Suddenly, I knew I was free! Free to love and to be loved. Free to give my whole surrendered heart to another man…MY FUTURE HUSBAND. A few months later, another amazing thing happened. For the very first time, God gave me a promise of marriage.

Two years later, when my husband finally came into my life, I was now a different person. My heart was free…and my love could not be held back. For the very first time, I LOVED A MAN…wholeheartedly,…a man who was not my father. My heart was no longer bond to my father…but rather it became bond to MY HUSBAND...for life. I owe him my love and each day I give him the love that is due him and receive his in return.

I don’t know what is your story? Like me, you might not even realise that you are holding back love that is due to someone important in your life. But believe me. God will bring that opportune time, like He did with me. And you will pay back the DEBT OF LOVE you owe. Today, I pray that you will ask God for the chance to pay back your debt…because in so doing, you will move on to the next season of love God has in store for you.

God bless and keep you in HIS PEACE


8 thoughts on “THE DEBT OF LOVE

  1. Wow–what a powerful testimony. I appreciate you sharing your story. I pray that God will use it to touch MANY hearts that visit your blog. It has touched mine.

    • Lisa,

      Someday, I hope and pray…that my full testimony will be published and touch many lives which are unreachable through the net. Meanwhile, I thank God for each life that is touch, in a small or big way by the notes I post on this blog. I thank God for you! God bless!


  2. Your story is so full of His working and ways. Thank you for sharing it with us that may not know that we even owe a debt of love to those He has given us! God bless you and your love! deb

    • Deb,

      For years, I ran away from my own story…hoping that things would change. Then God changed me instead…and took me back to the story I had avoided for years. And its with this same story that He is working changes in me…and in time, in others! I rejoice now in being part of my story.

      Love and hugs,


  3. Gladwell,
    What a great and intimate testimony. We are so plagued with resentment sometimes and the unwillingness to love others, then how can we possibly share God’s love with others if we hold back our love. Great lesson
    God Bless

    • Jim,

      Well stated. You cannot possible love strangers when you have not yet loved your own. God wants us to repay our debt of love…to those who are closest to us first!

      God bless you.


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