John 16:32-33 “But a time is coming, and has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me. I have told you these things, SO THAT IN ME YOU MAY HAVE PEACE. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Do you have peace? You may say that is a broad question…and I admit it is. What does peace have to do with you? Most definitions of the word peace…are derived from the state from the outside which defines what happens on the inside. For example, when someone is mean and unfriendly to you, you may feel uncomfortable or restless in their presence. Or when there are chaos around, you tend also to lose focus and a sense of harmony.

In the above scripture verses is hidden wisdom in the words of Jesus to his disciples. Yes…Jesus was about to go to the cross. It was going to be the climax of events that had unfolded 3 years earlier. But…it wasn’t going to be the climax the disciples were anticipating. It was about to be very ugly….in fact, very CHAOTIC and VIOLENT. Oh yes…their world was about to be turned upside down. And Jesus was preparing them for it. So…when He was talking to them about HAVING PEACE, they had no slighted clue what was ahead.

Today, Jesus is still speaking to you and me through the same words. Your world around you seem to be falling apart…but Jesus is saying…take heart! I have overcome the world. But there is more to it. Jesus has already prepared you and me…to understand that our inner peace ought not to be determined by the circumstances from without. Our peace is born out of our relationship with Him. No matter what you might face today or tomorrow…or some years down the road….Jesus is saying to you today, “HAVE PEACE IN ME.”

Do you have PEACE IN HIM? Jesus is still speaking;

John 12:27 Peace I leave you with you; my Peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

My friends…you may be living in the midst of difficult circumstance…and you are losing grip…but Jesus is calling you back to peace. Peace in Him…having full confidence that He has overcome the world…and that includes your SMALL WORLD!



12 thoughts on “DO YOU HAVE PEACE?

  1. Thank you Gladwell,
    One of my favorite verses “Peace that surpasses all understanding”. To have peace and acceptance in the midst of the storm, to not crumble and lean on our own understanding, but to lean on Him and have peace when most don’t. That is beyond all understanding, when trying to understand from a worldly point of view. God is the author of peace, and any peace that does not include Him or come from Him is counterfeit. God Bless

    • Jim,

      Thank you for that perfect reminder…that His Peace surpasses all understanding. Hence…even when we are in difficult situations…His Peace that passes understanding will always keep our hearts and mind guarded in Him. Without God’s peace, the world can only rely on a peace which is superficial and bound to change according to the situation without. But…the Peace of Christ…functions with or without the elements from without. Its the peace that comes and dwells in our hearts for good!

      Stay in His Peace! God bless.


  2. You have me smiling, knowing that peace that passes understanding can be ours 24/7. I think it’s a strong witness when we have peace in crazy circumstance, because of our Savior! Love how He keeps you writing Gladwell! Blessings! deb

    • Deb,

      I guess if I wouldn’t write…what God puts in my heart…I will be like Prophet Jeremiah…who kept quiet and felt the fire of the word locked up in his bones. I spoke as I hear. I am glad we can find peace in Him despite the circumstances from without! Stay in His Peace…now and always!



  3. Gladwell, This post reminded me of the hymn “It is well with my soul.” The lyrics say, “Though the devil may ruin, though trials may come, it is well, it is well with my soul.” That is the peace of Jesus. The troubles of this world cannot take away the peace within our souls based on our belonging to Him. His Peace, Linda

    • Hi Linda,

      It is well with my soul…is one of the favourite hymn. I find strength and comfort every time I go back to the words in this hymn. Our Peace should not be determine by our circumstances and then the circumstances threaten to steal it, we run to Jesus, the Peace-giver.

      Thank you and blessings,


  4. Thanks Gladwell. l like the last statement ‘Jesus has overcome the world including your samll world’, that makes anything a person is going through insignificant. Good word!! Bisi

    • Bisi,

      Yes, we think according to magnitude…forgetting that God owns the world. If He then runs well the affairs of this world, what is it to Him when it gets down to our small time issues…which may seem for us impossible situations? He is more than able! He has overcome for us!

      God bless…and keep you. Love,


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