Today, I just picked up my Polish ID which now identifies me as a rightful and lawful citizen of this country, Poland. It is strange, but when I got the identity card, I felt a JOY OF SORTS. But why do I say that? Because a couple of years back, after I had qualified to become a citizen of this country under the Polish marriage act, I resisted the idea. On one hand, I wasn’t yet ready to disconnect from my roots, while on the other, there was need for me to be a part of where God had placed me, that is, at my husband’s side. Then something happened in early November, last year that made my decision…either way inevitable. A decision had to be made…and made quickly. When I finally made the decision to give up my country’s citizenship…which is the requirement before you become a Polish citizen, I felt a strange relief and peace.
After what has been a four month process…today…I get the TANGIBLE EVIDENCE that I am part of this society.

Its a JOY OF SORTS…because in reality…I am still AFRICAN with a European identity.
Its a JOY OF SORTS…because for the first time…I get to bear a new surname…my husband’s after more than five years of marriage.
Its a JOY OF SORTS…because doors for the future will begin opening for me..and my family
Its a JOY OF SORTS...because after all has been said and done...I AM STILL THE SAME OLD BUT NEW ME.

Tomorrow, it will be a JOY OF SORTS...because my youngest sister will be getting married and I wouldn’t be there with her…but all the same, MY HEART, LOVE, PRAYERS AND BEST OF WISHES…goes out to her and her new husband to be.


Psalm 118:14-16 The Lord is my STRENGTH and my SONG; he has become my SALVATION. SHOUTS OF JOY and VICTORY resound in the tents of the righteous; ”The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things! The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!”

10 thoughts on “A JOY OF SORTS!!!

  1. Gladwell,
    Congratulations on your new additional identity. As a follower of Christ, and an African woman, your husband’s wife, and a citizen of Poland. God Bless you sister

  2. What a beautiful commitment to your husband and the Lord you have made with this choice. As Christ followers, our real citizenship is in heaven, we’re just passing through here.

    Have a blessed weekend (and congratulations to your sister!).

    • Marsha,

      Nice to see you here again after awhile. Yes…I am following my heart…and his heart too. And it will be well because God has promised us a great future. Of course, our earthly citizenship is but on borrowed time as we await our true heavenly one.

      Blessings to you as well…and thank you for the best wishes!


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