Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4 There is a TIME for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven:
a time to WEEP and a time to laugh, a time to MOURN and a time to dance,..

My country, POLAND is WEEPING. We are in the season of MOURNING!

The tragedy that hit our country on Saturday has not left anyone indifferent. Why because suddenly, our lives were put on hold…as we remembered, contemplated, reflected and reviewed what was but now wasn’t. I don’t remember ever experiencing such kind of emotions at any given time in my entire life. All at once, as the faces of familiar people in Politics, the financial world, entertainment and public services passed through the TV screen, my heart refused to take all these facts in. It wasn’t only about the loss of our president and his dear wife, but the loss of active members of parliament and senators, all the heads of the country’s defence system, the governor of the Central bank, the governor of the National Archive, the head of the Human Rights Organizations, all the ministers in the office of the president, an archbishop and a number of priest, two presidential candidatures from opposing parties, the president of the Olympic Committee, among others. In a sense, every important government institution was affected one way or another by this tragedy.

But beyond their public functions, these people were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends of people among us. Yet….as I see the country ask so many questions which at most go unanswered, the Lord reminded me these words:

Ecclesiastes 4:11 He has made everything BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME. He has also SET ETERNITY in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

When I read these words…I realized that GOD’S WAY IS PERFECT. As the words say, He makes everything BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME. Even in the time of weeping and loss. Because as the word further explains…its not what happens in TIME…that is which is earthly that matters but rather what comes out of it is most important. As I hear the questions asked, I know that man is reaching out/crying out for the ETERNAL in their hearts even they might not understand it that way. I see tears, but I also see hope…as people who reach out for answers beyond the grave…beyond death and destruction.

This country….my country will come out refined and purified after going through the fire. That I believe, that I pray…and that I stand declaring….that GOD’S WAY IS PERFECT. Now and always! GOD LOVES POLAND!

10 thoughts on “POLAND: GOD’S WAY IS PERFECT

  1. Hi Gladwell, l remembered you when l heard the news. So sad, very sad. My prayer is that many will find Christ at this difficult time. God loves Poland. Bisi

  2. Dear Gladwell,

    My heart sank, hearing the news of Poland’s grief, because I know a sister in Christ – you – are there.

    May God’s comfort flow to you, in the quiet, the tears, and also the dailiness demands.

    From here in the US… I say, “Amen!” God indeed loves Poland. And so do we.

  3. Dearest Gladwell, Bless you so much. I will be praying for the people of Poland left behind. I will be praying for their continued strength. What a country of Blessed people! The Polish people have such a rich history, such committed people. You know every time public servants step off of their native soils to travel the world over to improve things and wrong the rights…they go wroth pure hearts of duty and dedication.

    That makes them champions. I salute those who stepped out for Poland and I thank God for the love that they demonstrated for their country; they will never be forgotten.

    My prayer is that the legacy and goals that they set will continue on and that POland will continue to flourish and be a place of liberty. Bless you all! Lanie

  4. Gladwell
    Our newspapers and media have been constantly showing images of a grieving Poland ever since the tragedy struck and my heart goes out to every grieving person there. Your post reflects the attitudes of a Christian that God is proud to call His own and I thank you for helping us see the sovereignty of God in this hard time.

  5. Gladwell,

    I have and I will continue to pray for you and your country. You are right , God does love Poland and I pray that His hand of mercy and compassion will bring healing to both you and the citizens of Poland.
    May grace be mutiplied to you!

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