Isaiah 55:11 So is MY WORD that goes out from my mouth: It will not RETURN TO ME empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

ECHO can be defined as: the reflection of sound or other radiation by a reflecting medium, esp. a solid object; a repetition or imitation, esp. an unoriginal reproduction of another’s opinion; something that evokes memories; the effect that continues after the original cause has disappeared.

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart…an unusually heavy heart. I wanted to talk…but I didn’t seem to have the right words. What is the use, God? Why do I have to keep the words flowing? Who needs them? Without me…or my words, life will still move on. There is my manuscript…which is thousands of words put done in almost five years. But God…what is the use? Who needs these words? My heart ached. For a moment, I felt empty and spent. But…I got about doing my house chores while wondering what next.

Then I sat down on the computer to do something. But without words…or sensible words to write about for today, I heard God speak gently into my heart. ‘IT IS MY ECHO.’ Suddenly I realized what He meant. You see, for a moment I thought or felt as if what I write or speak are but my own words. But God reminded me…that which was obvious yet concealed at the same time. I DO NOT SPEAK ON MY OWN…my words are not spoken or written in my own confidence or eloquence but in simplicity as I ECHO BACK GOD’S WORD. And the Lord assured me through these words this morning;

Proverbs 20:15 Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but LIPS THAT SPEAK KNOWLEDGE ARE A RARE JEWEL.

Maybe that is you. You feel like I felt. You feel as if your words amount to nothing. You see no sense in speaking or continue writing. But God is speaking…He is looking for that rare jewel in you. He wants and desires you to be HIS ECHO in your workplace, your neighborhood, your family or community. God is looking for such a one like you. Why? Because, when you and I echo His Voice and His Words…sooner or later, the words will return to Him loaded with fruit having accomplished the purpose He assigned them through us.

Are you listening to Him? His WORD produces an ECHO in your soul and mine. Keep talking…Keep writing…Keep hearing.

18 thoughts on “ITS GOD’S ECHO

  1. I like how you encourage and use practical approaches that even I can understand.

    For instance, do I hear an echo? A worthy question to pray about.


    • Thank you, my friend. At times the most valuable lessons we learn and hold dear are learned during such times as this. God encouraged me and I encourage someone else in return. I thank God for each and every one who He reaches through my writings which are in fact…HIS WORDS written in ink.

      Blessings your way!


  2. I hear God’s echo through your pen, all the way from Poland. Yes, keep writing his voice and sharing his truth. He has a plan for it, even when all seems silent and unnoticed.

    I’d love to hear more about your manuscript via an e-mail when you have time. I’ve written 4 now…


    • Elaine,

      Wow. The one thing I love most about you…even as I read through your words in your post is the passion behind your words. Every time I stop by my heart is challenged, refreshed or uplifted. Of course, I would be glad let you have a glance at my manuscript. Oh…I am not an expert but by God’s grace, I managed to put together words which someday I hope will see the light of day. In HIS TIME though. I would love to learn from you…and your writing adventure.

      Thank you and many blessings your way as you pack up…to move on!



  3. Oh Gladwell! I love how you listen to Him. This was a great encouragement, perfect for all of us. And there is something else I wanted to thank you for. You have joined so many of us together, which strengthens us to keep doing what He’s asked each of us to. Thank you sweet one! God bless you! deb

    • Thank you, Deb. With all these encouragement and support…first from the ONE WHO CALLED ME and from wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord, my heart feel uplifted and challenged to go on. His Grace is sufficient!

      You are a blessing to me as well.


  4. Hi Gladwell
    Thank you for refreshing my understanding of why we do what we do…to echo the Lord! WOW! I love the thought that when we serve God faithfully, we are echoing His words and ways. If we are what we are exposed to, then we speak what we hear and so we need to be hearing only from the Lord for we will then speak His words and others will become what they hear from us!

    • Vineet,

      It was God who needed to remind me that I cannot do…nor speak on my own but I ought to trust…and entrust what He has given into His hands always. I speak for Him and I hope and pray it will stay that way! Thank you, my friend.

      God bless you.


  5. Obviously, I’ve felt the same way many times, and then like you I had an experience with the Lord which changed my attitude. I like life-changing experiences. God bless you.

    • Larry,

      Its good to know I am not alone…although in reality, the faith journey is a lonely place with many travelers on the same road. Thank you. I value your Godly wisdom and encouragement.



  6. Gladwell…I dont know why we all go through these emotions…but one thing I’m sure that He works it out for good…

    The words that you echoed out was just amazing..this could come out only after that wrestling with God…its all worth it Gladwell…because we may not always know the fruits they produce…but it reaches Heaven…and its all added into out accounts there…

    God is reminding me a verse now..Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.(Habakkuk 3:17-18)

    God Bless You

    • Rani,

      …yet I will rejoice int the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Saviour. What a solid reminder. Thank you, my dear. I read a friend’s blog today FROMTHEMOUNTAINTOPS.COM which really gave me reason to bounce back and pace up towards the finished line. You are a really friend and thank you for your constant encouragement!

      Love and hugs,


  7. Gladwell –
    This is so encouraging. And, I know it is true. I have seen healing in my life through writing. I have seen growth in relationships because of my writing. I have been told how my writing has touched someone in the moment or encouraged them. There is so much that we don’t know — whose lives and hearts might we touch–what seed of hope and faith might we plant. All we are asked to do is to plant the seed. He gives us the gift of writing and if we are faithful, He will give us the words. He will help us plant the seeds. He will take care of the rest!
    Press on! — Godspeed, ELizabeth

  8. Gladwell,
    Before we had the internet there was little means of seeing things throughout the world. This week has been very trying week for me. I find it interesting that You, Rani, Eden, Myself, and several other Christian friends I know have been hit very hard this week. It is also interesting that when you feel the least effective, your daily encouragement/lesson is actually helping others more than you will know. Yours today, amazing, Rani’s yesterday, Eden’s yesterday, Amazing. They were all written at a time when the writer was thinking “whats the point” but it helped me to make it through my storm. God bless Sis! Keep writing.

    • Thank you, Jim for the encouragement. The Lord always comes through even in our moments of slipping! Yet…He will never leave us orphaned.



  9. I perk up when, in your stories, there is the obvious wrestling with God and subsequent answer. In fact, I think sometimes God stirs the unrest to make want to wrestle. He knows He has something for us, and like most things, we appreciate them more when we have worked for them.

    Sometimes it is our enemy trying to discourage us. By wrestling it out with God, we give Him the chance to give us His perspective. Those who don’t will just listen to the voice of the enemy and end up in despair.

    In either case, God is good. Your post is good.


    • Thank you, Mike.

      I see God more clearly within the wrestling than when I am outside. Yes, I agree with you. When He answers, its something I treasure in my heart for a long time. Of late, I have been wrestling a lot with Him. But the good part is…He always comes through with THE ANSWER!

      God bless you.


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