Psalm 62:9 LOWBORN men are but a BREATH, the HIGHBORN are but a LIE; if weighed on a balance, they are but nothing; TOGETHER THEY ARE ONLY A BREATH.

Its the end of another financial year…and the world is waiting for the new kid on the block…the newcomers or the old veterans on the front cover of FORBES magazine. With different emerging business trends….more and more people of different continents are finding themselves on the top list of the richest in the financial world. The first words you hear about a person’s material wealth are these. ‘THIS MAN IS WORTH…. But wait a minute. What do you mean…this person is worth….

We have accustomed ourselves to hear and accept this term as TRUTH. We judge a man/woman in relation to what they have/own rather than who they are. The worth of a man is weighed around…the cash in the bank or stocks, their houses or businesses, the worth of their designer goods/services, the schools/or academic qualifications, or their status in power etc. And for the one who has nothing…we weigh them on the scale of bankruptcy or debts, homelessness, uneducated and unnecessary burden to the taxpayer.

But the TRUTH be told….a man is worth only but A BREATH…in his nostrils. Be it a HIGHBORN OR LOWBORN. But beyond that…a man is worth much more. A MAN IS WORTH ETERNITY…either with God who gave Him the breath in the first place or the devil who keeps lying to him about his worth in things. These are the words of Jesus;

Luke 12:15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; A MAN’S LIFE DOES NOT CONSIST IN THE ABUNDANCE OF HIS POSSESSIONS.

Luke 16:9 I tell you, USE WORLDLY POSSESSIONS to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into ETERNAL DWELLINGS.

The worth of a man is NOT the things they have ATTACHED TO THEMSELVES, but rather the THINGS THEY HAVE RELEASED TO OTHERS! God values such men.

So…I leave you with this question. What is your worth?

15 thoughts on “THE WORTH OF A MAN

  1. Amen. Well said. What am I worth? I am worth more than many sparrows (Mt. 10:31, Lk 12:7), my faith is of greater worth than gold (1 Pet. 1:7), and God my Father considered me worth the death of his Son – his life was my ransom (Mt. 20:28, Mk. 10:45, 1 Tim. 2:6, Heb. 9:15).

    • Jason,

      Until a man learns in worth is only in Christ….they will always struggle and fight to prove their worth in things or positions. Without Christ…a man is nothing but just a breath!

      Blessings and thank you!


    • Elaine,

      Its more about letting go…more than gathering. Some day…I want to get home and find my Heavenly treasure full of my earthly deposits…and the interest thereof!

      Love and blessings,


  2. Gladwell, I love this post. We do look at possessions as a means of judging others and putting them neatly into a box with a nice label. I know that I have often looked at my own worth as whether I have a decent home, a certain job title, or any number of things. But, in the end, God sees our heart, and it is our heart that matters. A few of my posts the last few weeks have touched on what you wrote on today — but you say it so beautifully!
    Godspeed, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth,

      You see…God allows us to see things differently when He takes us through the REFINING FIRE. I am learning…the hard way but God’s way!

      Blessings and peace,


  3. This was a revelation that God gave me couple of years back…I used to look at people and assess them with their potential and develop an inferiority complex about myself…and one day God showed me this verse and said..”No matter how great or small people are in this world, in my balance..they are just a breath..but what makes one special is the anointing in them..the presence of Jesus Christ..You are worth the price paid on the cross…you are worth eternity”

    Thank you Gladwell..and I loved what you said..The worth of a man is NOT the things they have ATTACHED TO THEMSELVES, but rather the THINGS THEY HAVE RELEASED TO OTHERS! God values such men.

    That reminds of a verse..”It is more blessed to give than to recieve”

    Thank you dear and God Bless

    • Amen, Rani.

      I thank God for His Revelations. Sometimes His revelations comes to comfort and reassure us of our worth in Him. And at times, to warn us not to think too highly of ourselves. Either way…be it a sense of superiority or inferiority, God wants us to find reassures and our worth…only in those things what will count eternally. I am telling Him to open my eyes of understanding.

      You are a blessing…and thank you for sharing your testimony!


    • Deb,

      I thank God…that He will never look at me in times of CURRENCY WORTH…because at the end of the day, I will some day stand before Him face to face.

      Thank you too and blessings your way!


  4. Hi Gladwell! I’m glad that you asked this question because this is ammunition that every believer must have. In the eyes of the world…their naked eyes…Im not counted amongst the nobilty…but I am nobility in the Kingdom of God which is all that counts to me.

    I was born, the daughter of a drug addict…a man who sent his junkie friends to steal the coal monies hidden under my pillow…doomed to poverty and too many generational curses too numerous to mention…but God had saw my value before I was born.

    God said that I am so valuable that He sent Jesus to pay a “king’s ransom” for my soul!

    God said …I am rich in health, wealth, my mind, my soul, my spirit, over and over again renewed day by day.

    It’s a funny thing about the people who are RICH in material wealth…too often they are lacking in spiritual, physical, mental and other areas that are so vital. And sonwe pray for them…their wholeness.

    And the most important thing is that no one can buy their way into heaven with cash money…no matter how much.

    So unfortunately…that is not HEAVENLY CURRENCY… making it a POOR MEASURE FOR WEALTH…as you have so eloquently stated.

    I am on a course to lay up treasures in heaven…it’s not easy and it’s not a given…but I press like Paul says towards the mark of the high calling…for indeed it is.

    On my own works, I am nothing…but Jesus made me righteous… gave me the stamp of approval…my works cannot not earn my way in…but I am eager to serve to please God…to do His will….that is my priority…the humble role of a servant…happy and honored to serve…

    Not in Silver and Gold…they are not the measure…

    Thanks for the question. Everyday I will be working on the answer…Lanie

    • Elaine,

      Yours is a beautiful testimony. God teaches us differently according to our individual situations. But one thing is for sure. His eyes sees our worth only through the blood of His Son. Without Him, we are but just a breath…here today and tomorrow forgotten.

      I thank God for the lessons along the journey towards our heavenly dwellings!

      Love and peace,


  5. “The worth of a man is NOT the things they have ATTACHED TO THEMSELVES, but rather the THINGS THEY HAVE RELEASED TO OTHERS! God values such men.”

    Cool thought.

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