Archive | April 6, 2010


Psalm 62:9 LOWBORN men are but a BREATH, the HIGHBORN are but a LIE; if weighed on a balance, they are but nothing; TOGETHER THEY ARE ONLY A BREATH.

Its the end of another financial year…and the world is waiting for the new kid on the block…the newcomers or the old veterans on the front cover of FORBES magazine. With different emerging business trends….more and more people of different continents are finding themselves on the top list of the richest in the financial world. The first words you hear about a person’s material wealth are these. ‘THIS MAN IS WORTH…. But wait a minute. What do you mean…this person is worth….

We have accustomed ourselves to hear and accept this term as TRUTH. We judge a man/woman in relation to what they have/own rather than who they are. The worth of a man is weighed around…the cash in the bank or stocks, their houses or businesses, the worth of their designer goods/services, the schools/or academic qualifications, or their status in power etc. And for the one who has nothing…we weigh them on the scale of bankruptcy or debts, homelessness, uneducated and unnecessary burden to the taxpayer. Continue reading