Hebrews 2:14-15 Since the children have flesh and blood, he shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death_ that is, the devil_ and FREE THOSE WHO ALL THEIR LIVES WERE HELD IN SLAVERY BY THEIR FEAR OF DEATH.

Someone may ask you or me. Are you afraid of death? Personally, I will say, YES, I am afraid of death…or maybe I am afraid of the dying process. Yet…no matter what your answer is on this one…fact remains YOU AND I WILL SOMEDAY go through that process. Sorry, friend. Its INEVITABLE!
But, some years back, I read the above scripture and understood something deeper. We as Christians…know that death is not the end…but the beginning of LIFE…of LIFE ETERNAL. Nothing is lost for the believing person when death occurs. But despite that knowledge, we live still as if death has power over us.

I like that word in Hebrew 2. Knowing that Jesus came and died on the cross for my sins is one thing. But understand that through His death, He destroyed the POWER OF DEATH and ITS HOLD on me in this life and for eternity is much more comforting. HIS DEATH not only brought us FREEDOM IN LIFE but also in dying, FREEDOM IN DEATH. This morning, I came across this scripture which I had read sometime back and again, I felt comforted.

Isaiah 57:1-2 The righteous perish and no-one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no-one understands that the righteous are taken to be spared from evil. THOSE WHO WALK UPRIGHTLY ENTER INTO PEACE; they find REST AS THEY LIE IN DEATH.

It is good to be FREE...both in LIFE and in DEATH. Through HIS DEATH…you HAVE BOTH. This Easter…remember to thank Him for your freedom.


Have you met Jesus? If not. He loves you and He desires to give you freedom and free you from the fear of death and eternal doom! HE WANTS YOU…HE IS LONGING FOR YOU…and HE IS PRAYING FOR YOU. Will you allow Him to enter your heart?

2 Corinthians 6:2 In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of SALVATION I helped you. I tell you, NOW IS THE TIME OF GOD’S FAVOR, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.

10 thoughts on “HIS DEATH: MY FREEDOM

  1. Am I afraid of death? No, not much. But at the same time, I’m a little like Woody Allen who said, “I’m not afraid of death, it’s just that I don’t want to be there when it happens!”

  2. Hi Gladwell! Great article! I had to ask myself: “Elaine, are you afraid of death?” No, No, No…I am not afraid of physical death! My body is simply a house that my spirit resides in! It is temporary housing. I cannot be afraid to die because Jesus already PAID IT ALL…so that I will never die…I will live on…. I am in the kingdom…not a citizen of this world but a citizen of the kingdom…just a visitor over here on a Visa!

    I’ve had some fun…buut I;m here on assignment…loaned to this world and I’ll be glad to go home! Love Lanie

  3. This post reminds me of the hymn “I’ll fly away.” It’s one of my favorites. The first time I heard it was at my husband’s grandma’s funeral. She was a strong Christian woman who lives with Christ today. Knowing what lies beyond the grave I do not fear death. But I agree that the dying process does cause some fear, having seen both of my parents suffer a long time with cancer before they died. Thanks for the great reminder of God’s promise of eternal life.

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes…l agree with you. Sometime….its the process of dying which is more fearful than death itself and especially like you having endured seeing your parents going through a lot of suffering prior to their demise. But…thanks be to God…for the comfort in His word even in such times.

      Blessings to you,


  4. Very good post of encouragement. Death has no power over the saved, it is just the beginning of our “Real Life”. It can still be fearful in that some elements are still unknown, the confidence of salvation removes the sting. God Bless Gladwell

  5. Gladwell,

    I have never noticed that verse before…”The righteous are taken to be spared from evil”…what a powerful truth…Recently, one of our friends passed away…She was young and full of life and passion for God…Many did not understand why she had to face death..at her young age…I believe she was taken to be spared from evil…

    What a hope…Gladwell. Thank you so much..
    Rani John

    • I am glad that scripture verse ministered to you…and I hope you will pass it on to the family/friends of the young woman who passed on…

      Blessings my dear,


  6. Gladwell – The Hebrews quote you start with, though it talks of death, is comforting. I need the reminder that Christ “shared in [our] humanity” – that He knows–first hand–what we see and hear and feel in this broken world. And, He knows what it is to fear death, and He over came it. Blessings to you today! –Godspeed, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth,

      At times, as Christians we deal with the reality of death…from a safe distance. Yet Paul said that we should NOT BE IGNORANT like those who are perishing. Death is a part of life…but for the Christian death ought not to have a hold over us, unless one is living in sin.

      Blessings my dear,


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