John 12:13 They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “HOSANNA! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the King of Israel!”

Oh…I SEE THE CROWD…IT IS HUGE and growing by the hour! I see…children, young men and women, and the older ones are joining in too. Oh…I see the blind men whose sight were restored…and the lepers who are no longer outcasts.. Oh…I see the one’s who had tested death but Jesus raised them back to life. I see the Samaritan woman and the woman with the issue of blood, the smile on their faces tell their story more than a thousand words. And how can I miss out on the Centurion whose daughter was restored to health and Jesus was so deeply impressed by his faith . I see sane men who were once demon possessed. The shouts and jubilation gets louder. Oh…JERUSALEM has never seen anything like this before. Right there in front of their eyes...HISTORY is in the making.

But…I SEE A DIFFERENT CROWD…Some look dismayed…while others visibly agitated. Why…IT IS THE PHARISEES. If anything…they are the MORAL CONSCIOUS among the people. The honor that Jesus is receiving is due them. And they are getting VOCAL:

So the Pharisees said to one another, “SEE, this is getting us no-where. LOOK HOW THE WHOLE WORLD HAS GONE AFTER HIM!” John 12:19

And I am glad for that statement..because come Sunday….the crowds all over the WORLD will come together and shout: HOSANNA! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is the King of Israel! Yes…I see myself in the crowd,…Oh, I see saints of God who were once sinners shouting at the top of their voices. Oh…I see families which were once broken but now restored shouting; I see the marriage which was headed for divorce but now restored shouting even louder….OH EVERY ONE OF US is shouting HOSANNA for personal reason…yet we are shouting HOSANNA because HE DIED and through His death and resurrection our HOSANNA become OUR LIVING TESTIMONY.

Please join the crowd…

13 thoughts on “HOSANNA: BLESSED IS HE…

  1. Your post today reminds me of the song, “I bowed on My Knees And Cried Holy” which always makes me cry.

    Like you, I want to see Jesus because He died for me.

  2. Gladwell,

    I’m happy that we are part of that crowd too….To cry out HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST..not only on Easter day, but everyday of our lives..and especially on that day when He arrives to take us home…

    God Bless You My Dear,
    Rani John

  3. Gladwell, I sometimes imagine how awesome it will be when we are in God’s presence celebrating and glorifying him 24X7!! It will not just be limited to Easters, Christmases and occassions but a 365 day praise and worship of the King of Kings! As I read your post, my heart was lifted up and I started to praise God for saving me, the greatest sinner of all, and for his endless patience towards me… God bless you sister for helping us focus our attention on the one who deserves our all.

  4. The music is ringing in my heart with a resounding noise! Oh it gives me great peace to lift my hands high in the room where I stand RIGHT NOW and sing:

    “Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord!”

    I can’t wait but to do this over and over again….the reminder is a SWEET REFRESHING! Thank you Gladwell for letting God use you!

    • Hi Laine. I read a couple of hours ago on someone’s blog that God is still working on my FLAWS and that gave me comfort. I am not there yet…and still God has chosen to use me to reach out to others. While His Hand is still on the clay, I will let Him mold me and use me in increasingly measure…ALL FOR THE GLORY OF HIS NAME.

      Love and hugs,


  5. And I will be adding my voice to the mix as well… for personal reasons and for corporate reasons. We are an Easter people given an extraordinary truth. May we all be found faithful in voicing that truth along the way and as we go… just like Jesus did.


  6. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest. Gladwell, what a day of rejoicing is coming, Sunday is a great day of rejoicing, but the day he returns to take us all home, we will raise the roof on that day. Thank you for taking us back to that day. God Bless!

    • I am smiling on this one…but I was crying as I was writing this post. Oh….how privileged I am to be part of the SHOUTING CROWD! Oh, I can’t wait for that day…when Heaven will come down… But until that day…I will say HOSANNA down here as long as I live!

      Blessings to you Jim.


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