Acts 19:14-15 Seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. One day, the evil spirit answered them, ‘JESUS I KNOW and I KNOW ABOUT PAUL, but WHO ARE YOU?

Yes…the question still goes out today. WHO ARE YOU? DO I KNOW YOUR ADDRESS? By reading this above scripture verse, I see a truth which may seem too simple to discern. But I thank God for His Spirit. In Acts 19, we read about Paul’s powerful ministry of the Word and healing for two years in the Province of Asia. In this two years, all the Jews and Greeks living there have become familiar with him. Many believed, others were healed while some with evil spirits were set free. And of course, some curious onlookers among them, the seven sons of Sceva, the Jewish chief priest got interested. Oh, they are not yet followers of THE WAY. But at the look of things…it doesn’t take hard work to invoke in the name of the Lord Jesus to bring relieve to one in need of deliverance…or so it might have seemed.

But that assumption could soon come to an end. One day, the evil spirits answered….. WHO ARE YOU? In other words...DO I KNOW YOUR ADDRESS? You might be surprised….but that is the question for you. Does the evil one know your address? It is one thing to be KNOWN BY GOD…and another for the devil to KNOW ABOUT YOU. In case, you don’t know, if you are a child of God….the devil has your address. Why….because every time you pray or praise God…his kingdom is routed. Every time you preach or speak a word of encouragement to someone in the Name of Jesus, his kingdom is shaken. The devil is more familiar with your address unlike the address of the lost. And as you might notice….even though these fine young men were the sons of a Jewish chief priest…that tells me that the devil has no time for the RELIGIOUS. He doesn’t even bother to know their address. How sad!

So…does he know your address? Are you shaking up his kingdom?

I leave you with this clear illustration from the Word for your further meditation.

JOB 1:6 One day th angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them. The Lord said to Satan, ‘WHERE HAVE YOU COME FROM?”

In other words, The Lord said to Satan, ‘IN WHOSE ADDRESS WHERE YOU AT THIS TIME ROUND?”

13 thoughts on “DOES HE KNOW YOUR ADDRESS?

  1. Hi Gladwell! Yes, the devil knows my address….and I know his! I had decided a while back to study Spiritual Warfare and of course…that VERY DAY…all CHAOS broke loose in my life. I put it down…the studying. When I picked it back up…same thing. So of course, I started a site on Spiritual Warfare! The Devil knows my address and I know his! Love E

  2. Gladwell,

    I loved your post today…Satan knows our Address if we are beneficial for the Kingdom of God…otherwise he dont even care…but the more we are useful for God, the more he tries to trouble us…but finally the victory is ours..becuse Jesus has defeated satan on that cross…

    Your thoughts are always unique, interesting and thought provoking….I’m glad that I could read your post today…came to me at the right time..
    God Bless,

  3. Hello Gladwell…

    What a blessing it is to read your post again. It is indeed a good thing to be identified with God!

    Thank you so much. God blessed me today through this post.

    Your sister,


  4. Years ago I came across this point in a sermon or book. Have never forgot it. I still think about it when I am trying to ‘shake up his kingdom’.

    Speaking of his kingdom, I’ve had a thought recently about God’s kingdom. I hope I can convey the thought.

    The thought centers around the comment Jesus made to the disciples, in Luke 10:18, after they had not been able to cast a demon out of someone. Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven”.

    Jesus was there when Satan was kicked out of God’s kingdom. Jesus was in on it. So when He comes here to establish God’s kingdom on earth, He, knowing what He knows about Satan having been cast out of the kingdom, doesn’t beat around the bush at casting him out of it here.

    It is like . . . ‘you are not permitted here. Plain and simple; and you know it. Now beat it.’

    I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. Seemed like the right place and time to share the thought.

    Good post.


    • Hi Mike,

      Well…if your heart is being stirred towards that direction…I guess it about time…you put it down in ink. Maybe then, God will give you more clarity. Yes…at times…we act as if Jesus is surprised by the present of the evil one. Yet the Word says that he was part of the heavenly team before he rebelled and was thrown down. The good news is, the evil one always comes from the defeated side.



  5. Gladwell – This made me think about when my kids were in middle school and high school and still lived at home. I used to go into their rooms and pray through their rooms because I know even though they knew God–or especially because they knew God–that evil of the world would pursue them. I found comfort in entering “their address” to pray on their behalf for God’s presence. –Godspeed, Elizabeth.

    • Elizabeth,

      That is wisdom right there. What an incredible example…I will take it and apply it for my own life. We are comforted when we know we have made our supplication for others before God on their behalf. I am sure…your children are wonderful and God-fearing adults!

      Blessings as always,


  6. Hi Gladwell,
    This post is very insightful. If we are not making his life miserable and yanking his followers from him, then he doesn’t care where we live, he already has us. But when we rock his boat, he wants to know where to send the retalliation. Great message sister!
    God Bless

  7. Good post. Thanks.

    There is a saying, ‘play with fire and you get burned.’ It is the same when we ‘play’ with or practice unrighteousness which is ‘evil.’ We either follow God or we follow Satan. It is not game. Following things of Satan has serious consequences. But know this..Satan has NO power over the children of God..NONE. God stays Satan when he attempts to come against the people of God. There are times such as with Job when God gives Satan permission to attack…for reasons having to do only with those ‘eternal’ or ‘spiritual’ purposes and outcomes. (“1jo 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. )

    But the sons of Sceva had not the Authority over Satan dwelling within in form of the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore they were vulnerable prey to the evil spirits. Satan KNOWS the Spirit of God. Too, Satan KNOWS the spirit of a ‘fallen’ man over whom he, Satan, has power.

    (Ac 19:15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
    Ac 19:16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. )

    Rebuking devils is done only by the Holy Spirit which dwells in fleshly Temples of God. The spirit of man has NO power to command evil.

    God is teaching me about such power. Discerning spirits comes only through the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit speaks through the mouth of a flesh and blood Christian…it has effect since the command is from the Spirit of God. Rebuking evil spirits, when not done with the authority and presence of God, can be serious…as the sons of Sceva learned.

    Never before in my life had I rebuked evil spirits until recently. I sometimes read the blogs of carnal athiests and see their disgust with Christians, for the most I just think ‘how very said.’ But recently, on about three or four instances, I encountered blasphemous rantings from individuals. Only the spirit of Satan would desire God to ‘burn in hell.’ Only the rants of Satan would say ‘God wanted to do Mary Magdalene.’ These words were PROOF of the evil spirit coming forth from the atheiest mouth of flesh. On these instances, I prayerfully typed the words, ‘The Lord rebuke you.’ I did not speak hateful, argumentative, nor provoking words or rhetoric to these people. I RECOGNIZED the evil in these hearts which brought forth the issues of ‘hate’ against God. And the evil KNEW that I KNEW who was speaking. In each instance, after the REBUKE, the authors of the blogs gave no response to the rebuke. Generally, the athiests ‘luv’ to practice word wars with Christians. But in these instances…there was absolute and total silence in response. Understand, the rebuke was not from me. The rebuke was from the Holy Spirit who is with me. Man cannot judge any thing. Only the Word and Spirit of God can judge a thing. Judgement of a person and rebuke of Satan are two very different things. We are not at war with the flesh and blood man. We are at war with spiritual wickedness in ‘high’ places…Satan. And only God has power over the ‘high’ Satan. Indeed, GREATER is HE that is within me..than he that is in the world.’

    THE WAR WAS WON BEFORE IT BEGAN. SATAN HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN A CONTENDER. HE ONLY DELUDES HIMSELF AS ‘POWERFUL’. He is NOTHING! He ‘fears and trembles’ in the presence of the Almight God. He is cast out of heaven and dwells in the ‘dry’ or dead places. He HATES with the fervency with which God LOVES. I KNOW him. Christ manifested both Himself and Satan to me at the same time when I was nine years old. I literally ‘saw’ with my eyes the subserviency of Satan as he stood shaking terribly…and blinded by the Light of Christ as He looked down onto the ugly and degenerate creature or a man…Lucifer. Satan responds to the most soft and gentle WORD from God. The softest, quietest, and most gentle thought of God rings in the ears of satan as though they are the LOUDEST Trump of God.

    I did not intend to get so lengthy with this. My heart kinda ran away with me on the subject of evil spirits.

    Carolyn /

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