Acts 4:13 When they saw THE COURAGE of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and TOOK NOTE that these men HAD BEEN WITH JESUS.

Something is in my heart today and I don’t know how to put it in words. But I will try. Let’s put some meat into the skeleton. Here is Peter and John, the disciples of Jesus going to the temple for prayers. Before they enter, they meet a crippled beggar who asks them for alms. And no…they HAVE NO silver nor gold. But, they offer to give him what THEY HAVE….JESUS. Moments later, the man stands up…HEALED. The crowd is ecstatic with astonishment. But Peter quickly redirects their attention to the ONE who has power to heal – JESUS

After talking to the crowd, Peter and John proceed into the temple, where they farther speak to the people about the resurrection of the dead. The Sadducees become alarmed and seized Peter and John. After a night in the jail, the following day, they are brought before the SANHEDRIN…that is…before a council of judges for questioning. And right there and then, in the most difficult situation and with the full knowledge that this might be their last chance, Peter opened his mouth. Oh no. He did not try to defend his cause, neither deny it. Peter, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, spoke up and proclaimed the NAME OF JESUS, the one whom they had crucified but God had raised from the dead. Yes…JESUS HAD HEALED the crippled beggar. And yes…SALVATION was only possible in HIS NAME.

But beyond their words…and the witness of healing….the Sanhedrin saw something else in the disciples; COURAGE…FEARLESS COURAGE. These men were unschooled…had no high learning; they were just ordinary…had no position in the city. Yet…they spoke with authority…which reminded them of someone who had been among them not long before. Yes…Jesus’ memory was still fresh on their minds. They TOOK NOTE that Peter and John HAD BEEN WITH JESUS. In other words, the same FEARLESS COURAGE they had witnessed in Jesus was now evident in his disciples. And to their greatest surprise…and of course dismay, they realized that even though JESUS was no longer in their midst, HE HAD LEFT BEHIND ONE OF HIS KIND. In so many ways, they RESEMBLED their teacher.

Have you been with Jesus lately? Are people around you taking note that you have been in fellowship with Him? Do you have fearless courage when faced with difficult situations?

These are questions that each believer in the Lord must ask themselves honestly. Remember…beyond spoken words, OUR LIVES should be OUR GREATEST WITNESSES.

Rise up friend!

18 thoughts on “FEARLESS COURAGE

  1. HI Gladwell! What a challenge you have put to us all! I have been so touched by your message that I choose to press my way into His presence much more than the time I have allotted. Thank you for the inspiration. Love Lanie

  2. In his book, “God’s Smuggler,” Brother Andrew wrote about his adventures behind the Iron Curtain in countries such as Poland. There were many brave people who preached the gospel like Peter and John so the Kingdom could be advanced to where it is today these countries.

    So, I pray that you advance the kingdom to the next stage of God’s plan in these European nations.

    • I take that as a prophetic utterance and will move forward with it. May NATIONS hear HIS VOICE….as His children sound the trumpet. HE IS COMING!!!!

      I pray for MY COUNTRY, POLAND….Hear the Word of God…and turn to HIM for healing and forgiveness….IN JESUS NAME. Amen.


  3. I fear to answer your question because I know there are few who know might know me as a follower of Christ and for that I am ashamed. When I lived in the Middle East among Muslim friends where evangelism is a criminal offense, I tried to share my testimony through my lifestyle and at a few rare occasions managed to share the gospel. However, when I look at Peter and John and their ministry at that time of oppression, I know I am a far ways off and need to trust the Lord for wisdom and fearless courage to speak the truth in love. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

    • Oh…we all faces different kind of situations where sharing the Gospel seems out of place. But…following the example of Peter and John, God wants us to be ready to share our faith…ANYTIME, ANY PLACE when an opportunity arises. This message was meant for me as a personal more than you might think. Don’t be ashamed. Pray for courage and the empowerment through the Holy Spirit. And the rest…leave in His hands.

      Blessings and courage,


  4. Hi Gladwell, I am so glad I visited your blog this morning. It is my wedding anniversary, but of course I am celebrating it alone. Not a real celebration, but I really feel it is a special day. And your post just made it even extra special.

    Yes I want people to know I have been with Jesus. That I have enough of Him enough of His courage, and His authority, of His strength, and power!

    I love this post! How the Sanhedrin must have said, Oh, no, there is more of them!

    Love you, and may God’s blessings abound in your life today.


    • Oh…Lidj. My heart goes out to you… You are not alone…and I am glad you have been with HIM. Isn’t He good? Yes…even when we feel we are at a difficult place…like you are, especially today, He is still here. I pray that God will multiply many after His kind in the days to come…before we go home to meet Him and our loved ones. Thank you for sharing your heart . My prayers goes out to you!

      Love and grace….and yes, a day of remembrance,


  5. “HE HAD LEFT BEHIND ONE OF HIS KIND. In so many ways, they RESEMBLED their teacher.”

    What I’m shooting for sister, to speak fearlessly the name of Jesus and to stand courageously on the truth of his Word. No place I’d rather stand this day.

    Powerful teaching.


  6. I liked the question that you asked..”Are people around you taking note that you have been in fellowship with Him?”…because people around take notice at both times…when you are with Him and when you are not…Being with Him should make us different and unique like HIM….full of compassion when the surroundings are not…full of courage when the people and situations around you are fearful…

    Thank you Gladwell for this wonderful thought..
    God Bless,
    Rani John

    • Oh, yes…when we have been with Jesus…it will show on the outside…our way to doing and saying will change. I am praying for FEARLESS COURAGE not only for me, but for the Church of Jesus Christ in these last days. Thank you, Rani and may your day be full of grace and blessings.



  7. Once again, Wow
    Gladwell, this mornings message is very encourageing to me. Last year, our church theme was to BE BOLD!, this years theme is step up, but being a bit of a rebel, I came up with my own theme, BE DANGEROUS, and that is my motto for the year. So your message IS a great encouragement. God Bless as always!!

  8. Amen! Good post. recently engaged in a discussion of the Gospel. Some say the Gospel is the good news of Christ’s death to redeem sinners. I say the Gospel is Christ..Himself..the Lamb of God…resurrected..alive..and living in the Body of Christ who carry His love to others through servitude. But most see the Gospel as the carrrying of a ‘message’ about Christ. I see the Gospel as a ‘living’ witness. As you said, ‘Our lives should be our GREATEST WITNESS.”

    Again, good post. Thought provoking. Thanks.

    Carolyn / internetelias.wordpress.com

    • Thank you, Carolyn for stopping by to comment. Yes…Christianity is not just a message…it is a life, a people…who are and have been transformed by Jesus, the Christ. I like your additional on this one.

      Blessings and stay in His peace,


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