John 6:7-9 When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd of people coming towards him, he said to Phillip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” He asked only this to TEST HIM, for he already had in mind what he was going to do. Phillip answered him, ‘Eight months’ of wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!” Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother spoke up, ‘Here is a boy with FIVE SMALL BARLEY LOAVES AND TWO SMALL FISH, but how far will they go among so many?”

And so here is the question. HOW MUCH IS IN YOUR LUNCH BOX? Or rather, a different way…WHAT IS THE WORTH OF YOUR LUNCH?

We all know about the feeding of the five thousands…and yes, we can all agree…It is one of Jesus’ greatest miracles. And yet…beyond the feeding, there is a great lesson hidden between the lines. A few days ago, I told my husband what the Lord had put in my heart. He said to me, “I DO NOT DEAL WITH CURRENCIES, BUT I DEAL WITH FIGURES.” And then this morning, He brought this miracle of the five loaves and two fish to mind.

Note the conversation between Jesus and Phillip, his disciple. Jesus wants to feed the crowds…so he turns to him and asks a simple question; WHERE can we buy bread… And Phillip quickly answers him with a well-calculated answer...EIGHT MONTHS’ WAGE IS NOT ENOUGH… Stop and re-read Jesus’ question and Phillip’s answer.

When Jesus asked…He did not ask how much will be the PRICE OF LUNCH TO FEED FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE. But rather he asked for the PLACE where LUNCH can be bought. Sadly, Phillip did what you and I are bound to do when we are asked to do something by the Lord. After a mental workout, He came up with the perfect….or so it seemed answer. In other words, He was conversant with THE CURRENCY WORTH OF LUNCH TO FEED FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE. Andrew had a different answer than Phillip. There was this boy with FIVE BARLEY LOAVES OF BREAD AND TWO SMALL FISH. But just like Phillip, he too did his mental workout; HOW MUCH CAN FIVE LOAVES AND TWO FISH FEED? For him, it was too little, too late!

Are you surprised? One question….which generated two very different answers. One, the WORTH of Lunch…that is money or currency and the other, THE AMOUNT of Lunch…that is quantity in terms of numbers. Yet, while the disciples were well meaning, Jesus had a different perspective than theirs. He knew that whatever was in the purse or in lunch box cannot LIMIT HIM TO WORKOUT A MIRACLE. Oh, this one is for you. God has the ability to multiply whatever is in YOUR LUNCH BOX. Where can you buy bread…in other words…in which country are you in? GOD IS ABLE TO MULTIPLY YOUR SUPPLY in spite of the economic crisis or price inflations. GIVE HIM YOUR LUNCH. God knows how much is in YOUR LUNCH BOX and yes…HE KNOWS WHAT IT IS WORTH.

Pace up, my friend….He is waiting for YOUR LUNCH!!!!

13 thoughts on “GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH

  1. Gladwell,

    Thank you for that beautiful thought…The miracle happens in the act of giving the little you have…Jesus could have done the miracle without that five loaves…But heaven works when we are ready to give the little or much that we have…and when it is with Him, we cannot expect anything lesser than a miracle…

    God Bless You Dear,

    Rani John

    • I am laughing at this one… Yes, its about our readiness to give what we have and let Him multiply it rather than have all the strategic plans in place. Oh I long to be different…to look and see things through HIS EYES and not my own.

      You are a blessing to me, Rani. And only eternity will reveal the details.

      Love and hugs my sister,


  2. How cool! I have never looked at it like that, just breezed through the text anticipating the miracle. What an encouragement to us! I love the feeling of Jesus saying “money, Phillip? I didn’t ask about money!” I am claiming the truth that God will work with what we have, not what we want, to fullfill the needs. I am claiming the impossible for my life :)))

    • Oh yes. Go for it, my friend. That’s what the Lord want to hear. Its not about our goods…but rather our GOOD heart into the matter. I AM CLAIMING THE IMPOSSIBLE TOO for you and me…and so many out there! In JESUS NAME.

      Love and hugs,


  3. Gret message Gladwell,
    The biggest limit to our faith in God is that we consider everything in terms of the tangible, but God is not limited by the tangible, he has no limits to what miracles he can perform. Thank you
    God Bless

  4. thx for sharing.
    good question and great food for thought:
    can WE?
    buy BREAD?
    where do we draw, who are the WE, what is the bread, and who are the starving ones?… once each question slowly answered, a plan seems mapped out.

    • Yes, Dora. The questions are meant more for our heart…than for our mind and should be answered slowly and carefully. But the Lord already knows the state of our hearts…when He asks us such questions.

      Love and hugs,


  5. Why have I never observed Philip’s response to Jesus’ question before? Thank you for showing us the significance of Jesus’ question and the reasoning for Philip’s response. Like in Chess or Curling where one has to play keeping in mind the next many moves of their opponent, Philip’s response seems like an answer to Jesus’ possible questions rather than simply answering the one at hand! I’m reminded not to be ‘intelligent’ with God in my response to his requests of me and that I need to exercise childlike faith. Thank you for this wonderful reminder! God bless you Sister Gladwell.

    • Thank you, Vineet. It is Him who is also opening my eyes of understanding. I love Him for His never-ending supply of wisdom and discernment. It is ALL FOR HIS GLORY!!!

      Thank you for your kindness and constant encouragement. I do appreciate that. Blessing to you and your family.


  6. Thank you for helping me to see this story in a whole new way! There are so many times I catch myself seeing things from a human perspective instead of from God’s perspective.
    Blessings on you!

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