Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed OUR MESSAGE and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

ADVERTISE means to present or praise (goods, services etc) to the public especially in order to encourage sales; to make publicly known. In simpler terms ADVERTISING means sending out a MESSAGE publicly. Hence the above scripture can also read this way:

Who has believed OUR ADVERT and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed.

We all have to agree that in our modern society, ADVERTS have become a part of us almost as natural as the air we breathe. In every corner you turn, there is a form of MESSAGE which is aimed at you. And while advertising is not evil or bad in itself, its the seductive way the message is conveyed that is really the problem. You see, most adverts are directed towards your sensual appetite. What you see, touch, feel, taste and hear.

But why do people advertise in the first place? There are three main reasons;to introduce something new, to stand out as the best among rivals or to be seen as authentic. So did God score well on these three? Oh, if you didn’t know ISAIAH 53 is the grand way God first introduced HIS SON, JESUS to the world. But wait a minute? Why would God, the Creator choose to introduce HIS ONE AND ONLY BELOVED in such a crude, unedited form? If you read Isaiah 53 this in what you will come across;

– He is lacking in BEAUTY OR MAJESTY… nothing we are uncomfortable with.
– He is lacking in APPEARANCE…and of course, he doesn’t fit in our celebrity world.
– He is BEATEN UP and DESPISED..we have no time for the downtrodden in life.
– He is SICKLY and MOURNFUL…we prefer stadiums and theaters than hospital corridors or elderly homes.
– He is UNMANLY and QUIET…we like rebels and advocates of whatever rights.
– He is DEAD and GONE…we go on with our business as if nothing happened.

But I have news for you, what might have seemed like the most UNWISE, NONSTRATEGIC ADVERT of all times became the MOST EFFECTIVE of them all. Because unlike the message of the world, God does not appeal to us through our sensuality,that is (indulgence) but rather through sensitivity, that is (common sense). What you see, hear or read is not necessary what you need, but rather to look closely again at God’s ONE TIME advert. If I am not wrong…You will see yourself…the self you don’t like, the self you are not comfortable with, the self who has known nothing but rejection, the self that is lost in spite of all knowledge. And the most painful truth, the self that is DEAD while still living.

GOD’S ADVERT OF HIS SON...is actually YOU AND ME. He who did not know sin became sin for you and me. So next time, you see an advert what is offering you something better, remember there is ONE who did a good job, once and for all…and then HE CEASED ADVERTISING.

Jesus is THE ONE AND ONLY SON OF GOD; He has NO RIVALS; He is AUTHENTIC. Believe in HIS MESSAGE and live!!!!


  1. God is the greatest Marketer of all time. He knows how to make an entrance which will knock our socks off. Thanks for reminding me of the most creative marketing and advertising force in the world. God.

  2. Hi Gladwell! This is a great message. Thank you so much for your thought provoking illustrations of insight into the Holy scriptures and God’s great plan of salvation. Thank you for the inspirations. Love E

  3. Gladwell,
    Terrific article! Yes, we are His ADVERT–we’re reflections of His glory, ambassadors of reconciliation, and light, salt, and a fragrant aroma of Christ. Like the (Augustine?) quote says, “Preach Christ at all times. And if necessary, use words.”

    May we all show the world the life and joy of the Lord through our lives!

    Blessings!! Linda

  4. For 7 years, I worked in the marketing side of a business and spent considerable time managing the advertising agency relationship and the creative output to promote the business. I agree with you on everything you said about marketing and I know that God did not do a great job of marketing himself well. Positioning is key to successfully promoting a product/service and the Bible does not position God is ways man would be drawn to it. The Bible instead speaks the truth, something that human kind detests because it speaks of our brokenness. Thank you for reminding us that with God, there is hope for the hopeless and it is not sugar coated to con us but revealed to help us understand.

    • Thank you, Vineet. Your words have just added force onto mine. Yes…God did not sugar coated the image of His Son but revealed truth to us as He wanted us to understand it.

      God bless you and your family,


  5. Well said Gladwell. I think Jesus’ use of parables to speak truths to people are a great example of this–stories that seemed innocuous at first, but exploded in the minds of listeners as common sense began dissecting the tales.

  6. Gladwell, great message.
    Our adverts today aim at our desire to be gratified instantly. Have this now, wear this now, go here now. God offers a walk to a blessed eternity.
    Faith is the polar opposite if instant gratification, we want SEE everything now, experience everything now. That has actually been our struggle since the beginning. God be with you and yours.

  7. Gladwell – our pastor spoke about a related point some time back — how much “easier” it would be if the story of Christ were more suited to pop-culture. But as you say, it is not; rather, His story is ours. Thanks for your thoughtful blog, as always, Godspeed, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth,

      How I thank God that He doesn’t make things ‘much easier’ to go with our times. On the contrary, His message is the same and constant through all generations.

      God bless you too,


  8. Gladwell,

    Your words are so thought provoking and it has a fresh anointing in it that makes it so unique…I thank the Holy Spirit that writes through you…Amazing.

    Yes, what we see, read or hear may not be the things that we need…What we need is Jesus. HE did his job once and for all..and the rest of advertisement is to be done through us…not by words alone, but our lives too…

    Thank you Gladwell…
    God Bless,
    Rani John

    • Rani,
      Yes, we are to do his bidding…as the Holy Spirit guides us. Jesus doesn’t just meet our need, He is ALL WE NEED…both for this life and in eternity.

      Much love and blessings your way,


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