Matthew 24:2 “DO YOU SEE ALL THESE THINGS?” he asked. “I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.”

From time to time, God causes things to happen in the physical to reaffirm and reassure OUR FAITH. Hence, the topic of today…WHEN SEEING IS BELIEVING.

The above words are Jesus’ spoken to his disciples almost at the end of His earthly ministry. His disciples had drawn his attention to the temple building. And Jesus quickly asked and answered his own question. ” DO YOU SEE….In other words, when you see…you will believe. Shortly after, the disciples went to Him at the Mount of Olives to inquire further into the details…Yes, they needed to know what awaited them in the physical, prior to His return and the End of the Age. Jesus’ answer may have surprised them. Why? Because, the signs which he related to them meant they had to be SEEN with the physical human eyes for one to understand. And here are some of them;

– Many will come in His name, claiming ‘I AM THE CHRIST.’
– Wars and rumors of war
– Nations will raise against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms
– Famine and earthquakes in various places
– Believers will be persecuted
– Many believers will fall away
– False prophets will deceive many
– Increase in wickedness and the love of many will grow cold

And while YOU SEE all these thing happening….another thing will be happening which your eyes may not necessarily see. THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM will be preached in the whole world as a TESTIMONY to all nations, and then the end will come.

You see, it might be true we have SEEN on the rise more wars, earthquakes, famines, Christian apostasy and persecution in this last century alone more than any other. However, the believer’s heart should not grow faint. Why, because while we see and believe that these signs are pointing to OUR REDEEMER’S RETURN, we should rejoice because the GOSPEL OF HIS KINGDOM which is unseen with the physical eye is being preached in places which had never been reached before. My friend, you never know who you are reaching to through your blog post. This is part of the UNSEEN signs of the End of the Age…and our SAVIOUR’S RETURN. So while it is day…keep working and keep believing through the physical and invisible signs of HIS SOON RETURN.

I love you and so does HE!!!!



  1. Yesterday, I was talking with someone about the second coming of Jesus and how evident it is through what we see around the world…This thought reached me at the perfect time ..Gladwell..And thank you for reminding that what we all do is speeding up His return…I cant wait to meet HIM.

    And what Blesseddad said in his comment is so right…I have always felt that I’m not writing the blogs..but Holy Spirit…If it would have been me..I would not have written this far…When I read all the blogs that I follow, I often tell Holy Spirit..”You did a Good Job Today..through all these people”.

    Happy to work for Christ
    Rani John

    God Bless,
    Rani John

    • Yes, Rani. We have to arm ourselves…and call others on board to SPEED UP HIS COMING. How so thankful I am that He has sent so many into the HARVEST FIELDS!

      I love you, Rani…in the LORD!


  2. Gladwell,
    You are so right! I have seen an awakening in his people like I have never seen before. It reminds me of the first century church. These blogs truly DO reach people worldwide. I also sense this, God working through us, It is not I who write this blog, I am not clever enough to come up with a subject regularly, but God coming out through my fingertips. And I feel it is that way with You, Anna, Robert and all the others who spread his word through this medium. God Bless and keep You!

    • Hi Jim. By the way, you have just mentioned something which I have also noticed. IT IS NOT ME…but GOD COMING THROUGH OUR FINGERTIPS. Some of the topics I write on are not thought over for days before I write. I just sit on and something begins flowing out as I type and it becomes WHOLE right there in front of my eyes. The truth is, it is God using us…as the vessels to give out His message to the needy. I am thankful that I am not alone.



  3. You have spoken directly to me and many like us who serve God in different ways either online or offline that what we are doing is part of God’s bigger plans šŸ™‚ What reassurance. Thank you Sister for the loving reminder and for being the voice of God to us. Over the last many days, I have been thinking about the numerous earthquakes that have hit populated areas and caused havoc. God bless you!!

  4. I just finished reading this passage from 2 Corinthians, when I turned to your post. I love the interconnectedness! “Therefore we do not lose heart. . . . So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” May you find JOY in every moment today!

    • Wow, Elizabeth. What a timely interconnectedness! I love it….THANK YOU JESUS for such a reaffirmation from my sister! I am dancing with JOY at that!

      God is good!

      Blessing and love,


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