John 11:35 Jesus wept.

EMPATHY…is the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings. In other words, HURTING FOR OTHERS is empathy. So here we go.

I have heard more times than I could care to count that John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the entire bible. But you see, in the effort to rationalize this verse, the most important lesson can easily be missed: When Jesus wept means more than just tears of sympathy. HIS TEARS SAYS, YOUR PAIN IS MY PAIN. But let’s get the basis of this story.

They are a family of THREE SINGLE ADULTS; the two sisters, Mary and Martha and Lazarus, their brother. They are known to Jesus personally. And yes, Lazarus who is loved by Jesus is lying down in his sickbed. Word is sent out to Jesus that his friend needs him. Instead of going there in time to touch and heal him, he delays on purpose. Oh yes, he was very much aware that Lazarus could soon be dead. Yet when he finally got there, with Lazarus already in the tomb, he wept. For a long time, I was puzzled by this scenario. Why? Because Jesus knew Lazarus was dead before he got there. Moreover, he knew that he could resurrect him, but yet with all that knowledge, he still wept.

But here is another Lazarus story: Your story. She/he is personally known to you…might be a friend, a sister, a daughter, or a colleague at work. But all the same, you have a friendly relationship with them. She/he is in a relationship with someone who you don’t approve of. Of course, there are signs everywhere that this relationship was never meant to be. And even though you keep on hinting here and there, with time, you decide to keep your distance and wait. Then news come through; the relationship is over. What do you do?

Like Jesus, when someone we know goes through a painful break-up with the one they had hoped to marry, we are called to weep with them. TO HURT FOR THEM. Why, because, when you hurt for others…you are saying;


And above all, we are in this together until you get on the other side. Jesus hurt for Martha and Mary…and yes, he encouraged and walked with them in their darkest hour until…he gave them back hope when he raised Lazarus from the dead.

For the single ones out there, I want you to be encouraged today. You are not alone. I hurt with and for you…I have been there, I know the pain. But I also know God has that special person waiting for you. BE STRONG.

12 thoughts on “HURTING FOR OTHERS

  1. I am not alone; the burden can be divided; there’s hope in my tomorrow; the sun will shine again.

    Who couldn’t use a dose of this right now?! Wow, so very powerful to think of my Lord being all of this for me and more. May I be found as loving toward my brother/sister in times of profound need.


  2. Great Glawell, l was actually sharing this with a friend a few days ago,, Yes the Lord is touched with our infirmities.. Great one and well done!! Bisi

  3. Yes, and even thought Jesus knows the hard things we go through might actually be what brings about the needed change in us, and actually be a good thing and not a bad, he still empathizes with our pain, with our hurting hearts.

    Gladwell, thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I am thankful that when I begin to “settle” He stirs my heart.


  4. This makes me think about how God not only empathizes with our pain, but also His pain when we do not enter into relationship with Him. When we try to make things happen on our own. Thanks for these thoughts today! –Godspeed, Elizabeth

  5. Gladwell my friend,
    Once again, wow. We should not discount this scripture because it is small. It reminds me of another occasion when we discounted something for it’s size is the story of David and Goliath. Great message sister!

  6. Gladwell,

    That was great….To know that we have a God who is hurt when we are hurt is just comforting…because we know that He is there with us in that darkest hour and will give back what we lost…

    Amen to that..
    Rani John

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