Genesis 15:5-6 He took him OUTSIDE and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars – IF INDEED YOU CAN COUNT THEM.” Then he said to him, “SO SHALL YOUR OFFSPRING BE.” Abraham believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Something happened to me yesterday. Something that I could no longer hold back even from the Lord himself. Yes, its Him who is the PROMISE-GIVER. Its Him who spoke to me about what His plans for my future looked like. No, I did not ask nor pray for the promise. But all the same, he give me this promise:


Yesterday, I dared to ask Him, ‘WHAT DOES SO PROSPEROUS REALLY MEAN, LORD?

There was no answer until this morning. The Lord said to me, “STEP OUTSIDE…’ Yes, just as He did with Abraham many centuries down the road…He took me OUTSIDE. OUT OF MY LITTLE MENTALITY, OUT OF MY LITTLE WORLD, OUT OF MY HUMAN LIMITATIONS. He said, ‘LOOK UP…and start counting…and if your calculation is right, then YOU WILL BEAT ME AT MY WORD.

My eyes are wet as I write this, because I know there are people out there like me who are asking God the same question. ‘STEP OUTSIDE, FRIENDS because our redemption is drawing nigh.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

12 thoughts on “STEP OUTSIDE

  1. i’m reading the bible from genesis to revelation right now. and over and over again i just see God’s grander scale faithfulness with his promises. and it’s awesome. but it’s easy to see his faithfulness to a country. but i struggle with seeing his faithfulness in my own life. i want to just believe.

    • Hi Annamarie. Thank you for stopping by. I understand what you are saying. Believe me, I was once there…and at times I also find myself struggling too. But over the years I have learned by walking with Him that He is A PROMISE-KEEPER…and that no matter the seemingly delays. In any case, the lessons we learn while we wait are the eternal treasures which no one can take from us. Just see it this way…when Abraham believed….it was CREDITED to his as righteousness. BELIEVING is a very important part of seeing His faithfulness come to pass in our lives. Hold on Him, my friend even when you can’t see the end from the beginning!



  2. This really blesses me. Thanks.

    Yesterday, I was thinking about you when I happened on this song on YouTube by Roger Whittaker:

    Kenya is certainly beautiful.

    • Thank you, Larry. I certainly enjoyed listening to that SO VERY FAMILIAR SONG. Hope someone else too will catch the vision. Yes, my homeland is BEAUTIFUL…from inside out!!!


  3. so refreshing Gladwell. I love that you heard him in the whisper.

    This verse was brought to my attention this week. The part where it said that Abraham believed God. I want to just believe God. Nothing else. no logic, just belief.


  4. funny you mention the feat of God’s creation in relation to our needs which are in comparison . . . miniscule. I had the same thought the other day and can’t seem to quit thinking about it. What fits on the same scale as God creating and setting the sun in place. It is the first thing I think of lately when I think of my own needs. He is quite simply able – able to help or sustain until He does.

    • Thanks Mike. I like your wordings…. HE IS QUITE SIMPLY ABLE – ABLE TO HELP OR SUSTAIN UNTIL HE DOES. I understand that statement perfectly because God understands where I am at, at the moment because He is part of the now, yet He is also moving us out in order for us to perceive where He is at… that is…the eternal perspective. HOW I LOVE HIM as I get to know Him deeper!!!

  5. wow…thats great…I ask this question many times in my life…And He tells me “If I could create everything you see in this world from nothing, then your promise can also come into its perfect time..” Trust Him. Thank you so much for this thought.

  6. We never know when those moments from God are going to come. But one thing is for sure, by having a regular time with Him, we increase the opportunities for them. Conversely by not having the regular time, we take ourselves out of that realm.

    By the way, you dug awful deep to find my post on His working to not lose us. I hardly have time to keep up with current stuff.

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