Zechariah 9:11-12 As for you, because of the blood of my covenant with you, I will free your prisoners from the WATERLESS PIT. Return to your fortress, O PRISONERS OF HOPE; even now I announce that I WILL RESTORE TWICE as much for you.

This morning I just listened to a sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince from the New Creation church in Singapore and he preached from the above scripture verse. I couldn’t help it but shout for joy…yes, because these words apply to me. For years, I have been A PRISONER OF HOPE. In good times; in times of famine and lack; in times of hope and despair; and above all, in times when all doors seemed to close right in front of me.

God is saying to you and me today…GO, TAKE A PLACE OF REFUGE IN ME for you who have not wavered in your hope…I AM COMING TO RESTORE DOUBLE for what you have lost. For the lost child, for the deceased spouse, for the lay-off at work, from the sentence of death in your physical body, from the words of accusations and slander that have been leveled against you….and the list goes on.

THE KING OF ZION IS COMING to restore you and cause you to rejoice again!

8 thoughts on “I AM A PRISONER OF HOPE

  1. I am so grateful that the Word is full of such encouraging statements — to remind us that the heart of the Father truly holds only love for us — and to nudge us on towards absolute confidence in the Lord, regardless of our circumstances. Thank you, Gladwell, for this word. I have come only recently to your blog, after you have visited mine (Dwelling in the Word) and I so glad to “meet you” in the pages of Scripture! God bless you today!

    • Thank you Rebecca. Yes, I can say…I am getting attached to your blog too. It blesses me that’s for certain. Let’s keep His banner raised for the world to see.



  2. For what it is worth:
    It is impossible for me to pray for my needs without thinking of those who are truly needy. There is always the associated thought: why should I expect the Lord to help me when so many are in much worse need than I. Still though, I would pray.
    Recently I read a book written by someone who had spent his life working with the impoverished people in Africa. What he said struck me: they have heard the lie of Satan all there lives. They are stuck. There situation will never improve.
    It dawned on me; the voice I hear every time I pray for myself (why should I expect the Lord to help me) is of the same source. It is the beginning stages of a dumbing down. As I am on one end of that scale, the impoverished are on the other.
    As a result, my praying has changed. It is almost as if the Lord has stirred me to pray for a strengthening. Not just for my own benefit, but for my entire family and then those that we might be in a better position to help as a result of our strengthened position.
    I feel as if I have been stirred to do battle. I too have renewed hope.

    • Thank you, Mike for your encouraging thoughts and comments. Yes, I see God in this more clearly than ever. In the renewed hope…God is saying…it is more than you. You are right when you say why should you ask for more when others are ‘content’ with less. We are living in a hour where God wants us to understand that we are CHANNELS and not just the DEAD-END receivers of his blessings. What was true of the Israelites in the OT is still true for the believer today ‘YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE POOR PEOPLE AMONG YOU.”

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