John 13:34-35 A NEW COMMAND I give you: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. As I have loved you, so you MUST love one another. By this ALL MEN will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

What a bold declaration! But wait a minute…this is Jesus. He is just telling his disciples something which looks too obvious for them to understand. JESUS, why the fuss? Don’t you know we love each other? If it weren’t so, we wouldn’t be here with you. Moreover, for three years, we have walked, watched and witnessed love at its FULLEST extend. You have shown us the way of love. Then, why are you giving us A NEW COMMAND…or rather A NEW, OLD COMMAND? The disciples seemed puzzled at Jesus.

You see, that is you. Whenever we hear the word LOVE in our Christian community or in our homes or families, we quickly assume that we love one another. You can’t tell me to love my husband or child, or parent when you already know that I LOVE them, can you? You may ask. But JESUS did just that with his disciples. If it wasn’t for love, perhaps they would have left Him a long time before. For them, it almost seemed strange that He was asking this of them, after all these time. Yet, in his entire earthly ministry, they had seen HIS LOVE, they had felt HIS LOVE, they had experienced HIS LOVE. Therefore, it wasn’t by accident that Jesus was giving them a NEW COMMAND. However, before this command had been given, JESUS HAD JUST WASHED THEIR FEET. In other words, for the first time JESUS had loved them differently then they had been used too. Of course, his love was constant, but this one time, it was expressed DIFFERENTLY. THIS WAS THEIR LOVE MAKEOVER.

Like the disciples in Jesus’ earthly time, we all need from time to time A LOVE MAKEOVER. While love may remain constant, there are several and numerous ways to express our love for each other. Jesus is calling you and I to have a LOVE MAKEOVER. Is your brother in need? Be the tool in God’s hand to make a LOVE MAKEOVER in their lives. And why the fuss? Because Jesus said, its only by loving your brother that all men can know that YOU ARE HIS DISCIPLES.

You have a choice…to love and to love all over again. Blessings!!!


5 thoughts on “A LOVE MAKEOVER?

  1. The greatest assest we have as christains is to love one another. Anyone can feed the poor and give to the hungry even do a better job than christians. But only those in Him have His love Shed aboard in their hearts and can love as He loved us.

  2. Wow! That’s good. I heard a Minister from our church say today…that the Word of God is 3 Dimensional! You can look at it so many ways….and every time you will see something new and fresh…written with true revelation knowledge Gladwell. Thank you so much…gotta go practive on somebody…(to make it a habit)

    Love Your buddy L

  3. I agree, love is the most important Christian virtue. God is love and those who profess faith in God should show the kind of love that Jesus has shown. Maybe it is not as easy as we say. We all have flaws and moods that affect the way we act or react sometimes. Sometimes, it is difficult when people expect so much from us when we are mere humans in an imperfect and degrading world. Of course, that is not an excuse for us not to live as God desires. Love is the key for all of us to make this world a better place to live until Christ returns. God bless you…

  4. Just a terrific and great article Sister. How often we do what we are obligated to do but God desires our love to be from the overflow of the realization of His love toward us. I heard a wonderful phrase in Bible College, “Preach the Word, and when necessary, use words.” We should realize that the greatest testimony of the Good news of Christ is a genuine, I Corinthians 13 expression of love.

    thanks for this great word.

  5. Brilliant. Thank you, I needed this. I understand that what I have been doing all this time is not what Jesus wants me to do. My love has always been an act of convenience, but Jesus is calling me to consistency in my love, and that takes power.

    Gladwell, Thank you.

    Pastor Leo Colon

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