John 1:23 John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling out in the desert, ‘MAKE STRAIGHT THE WAY FOR THE LORD’ “

According to my Collins dictionary, a forerunner is defined as;
– A person or thing that precedes another
– A person or thing coming in advance to herald the arrival of someone or something.

Until recently, I was still struggling with this question. God, why me? Why can’t I just have a normal quiet and private life…like most people? And for the longest time, the Lord had been quiet. In fact…its been 5 long years of waiting. Then, His answer came…just a few days ago. YOU ARE A FORERUNNER. And that’s why your life can’t be as normal as you would like it to be.

The Lord brought to mind John the Baptist. He was a forerunner…calling others to prepare themselves for the coming Messiah. Of course, he was not your everyday smart preacher. No! HE WAS WILD AND WEIRD…in every sense of that word. He wear clothes made of camel’s hair, a leather belt round his waist and had locusts and wild honey for food. And yes, HE WAS A RADICAL. In calling out the sinners to repentance, in rebuking the religious of his day for their hypocrisy, and yes, in warning the unrepentant of the coming judgment. Some loved him, and others hated him. And while, He understood what power the Lord Jesus had and could have possibly saved him from imminent death, yet HE CHOSE TO DIE FOR HIS FAITH.

At this hour, the Lord is calling out for FORERUNNERS. We are living at the end of times. If you are afraid, then the Lord can’t use you. If you are one who questions and looks for further revelation before you step out, then the Lord can’t use you. If you are not willing to be called weird, fanatical or whatever other brand name, then the Lord can’t use you.

THE LORD’S COMING IS NEAR…and he needs you to prepare a way for Him. If that speaks of you….THEN WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER AND BEGIN PAVING THE WAY FOR HIM. I am on the frontline…join me. God bless you.

2 thoughts on “THE FORERUNNER

  1. Thanks Gladwell! You have inspired me to write a book. Not on this subject but on becoming a Prayer Warrior…whatever the call…we MUST be HONORED to serve!!

    Great points! Love E

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