Matthew 1:18-19 THIS IS HOW THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST CAME ABOUT: his mother Mary was pledged to be married to Jesus, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit. Because Joseph her husband was a righteous man and he did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind TO DIVORCE HER QUIETLY.

This is the true account of the CHRISTMAS STORY: Two lovers…Joseph and Mary, after going through courtship, Joseph finally makes up his mind. Mary, a simple and humble young woman has won his heart. The engagement takes place and a wedding is in sight. But before their D-day….something happens. The angel of the Lord appears to Mary with some frightening NEWS; You will be with child…no, not with Joseph but through the HOLY SPIRIT. Mary, though frightened at first, takes in the news with humility and submits herself to God. But not so with Joseph.

Of course, as soon as he learns that Mary is with child, and even though she tells him its the working of the HOLY SPIRIT, Joseph still needs time to work through an honorable solution. The bible says, Joseph being A RIGHTEOUS MAN, he didn’t want to publicly disgrace Mary. But all the same, after much consideration, DIVORCE for him was inevitable. YES…MARY WAS IN FOR A MAJOR REJECTION. And in those days, HAVING A CHILD OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE meant automatic rejection by family and the society at large.

We now live in different times, but the pain of rejection is nonetheless as real as it was during the time of Mary. Divorce in our society has become so rampant; yet the pain of rejection that goes with it does not only hurt the two people involved but others who may or may not be directly involved; children of divorced parents are the victims of rejection, the body of Christ suffers when Christians break their marriage covenant, parents, friends and siblings to name just a few.

Then how do we avoid rejection as a whole you may ask? I find the end of Mary and Joseph story quite encouraging. For one, Joseph was a righteous man, and even though he was planning to reject Mary…he didn’t want to make it a public affair. But most importantly, he took time to think the matter through and that’s when help came. GOD SEND HIS ANGEL TO INTERVENE.

Are you planning to walk out on your marriage? Take time to consider and let God send you help.
Are you going through the pain of rejection…be it a divorce, or a split up with someone who is not yet your spouse? No matter how frightening it may seem, like Mary submit yourself to God…and in TIME HE WILL BRING YOU TO SHORE. I understand the pain of rejection…several times, I was rejected. But here I am today to let you know that YES, GOD brought me to a SAFE HAVEN. HE WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU. God bless and keep you!

10 thoughts on “THE PAIN OF REJECTION

    • Hi Angela. If one marriage will be saved by this…then I have done my part and GOD WILL DO THE REST. No matter what we face in life…there is always a way out…ALWAYS. God bless you for stopping by to comment. I appreciate that.

    • Hi Larry. I have just a short version of part of the whole story on ABOUT ME. Maybe someday, I will get myself around to write a little more. But thanks for your interest. Maybe my readers have the same desire as you have. God bless.

  1. Some of the most tender care I’ve ever received from God and his dispatch of angels have been those times I’ve known the deepest rejection on a host of issues, not just relational ones.

    I don’t think I’ve ever pondered Mary’s impending “love” rejection that was forthcoming had an angel not intervened. Indeed, God’s plan thought of everything!

    Merry Christmas to you. May the truth and witness of the manger be the peace to rule in your heart for all seasons.


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