Psalm 36:7 How PRICELESS IS YOUR UNFAILING LOVE! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.

Today, I just went through an email a friend sent me a couple months ago. The day I first received that email…I cried so hard and for so long. I asked myself the hardest and toughest question? What will Jesus say of me when I get to heaven? What words will he welcome me with at his heavenly dwelling? Then…I remembered this email…and when I read it again…it produced the same effect it did some months ago. Tomorrow, I will be posting this email for my readers. But while you await for tomorrow, I leave you with this question. What would you like to hear from the Lord’s mouth on THAT DAY?

If God had loved you so…then you can love your neighbor as much!


6 thoughts on “A PRICELESS LOVE

    • Hi Real Friend. Sometimes we don’t think much about our eternal destiny or what Jesus will say of us when we first encounter him. But if we live for his glory…we will also be glorified with HIM. God bless and be strong for HIM.

      Much love from a real friend,


  1. “Welcome home.”

    Even so, I say, “come quickly Lord Jesus.”

    Thanks for stopping by; you’re always welcome at my blogger address. Take good care this Christmas, and let me know if I can serve you in any further way via my prayers.


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