Romans 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

A DAY….each day has a story of its own untold

TODAY is our daughter’s fourth birthday. Yes, she has been waiting for it like none other in the previous years. Of course, then she was too small to understand all the fuss and excitement that goes behind preparing for a birthday celebration. And just a week before her birthday, her mum starts feeling unwell… a bad bout of tonsils infection which needs a week plus to treat and sadly, my little girl’s birthday plans get disrupted. However, in the last minute, we come up with a rescue plan – Her birthday will still take place; her nursery school teacher agreed to host the party at school and she is happy.

TODAY is also Mary’s dad first death anniversary. Mary is one of my best friends from Kenya but now lives in the US. Losing her father was tough for her especially because she couldn’t make it to attend his funeral. A couple of years ago, I also lost my niece whom I never got to meet and my heart still aches for her. And in a sense, I can identify with Mary’s pain.

TODAY my heart is full…four full years of joyful yet challenging motherhood is something I can’t trade for the world. Today, too…my heart is empathetic and as I say a silent prayer for the Munyao’s family, I know God will keep them through another year.

Where is your heart TODAY? Remember, you can celebrate with those who are celebrating and mourn with those who are grieving.


  1. thanks,my dear,,jana i cried,,whn i remembered it was exactly one year ,,since daddy ,,,passed,,to glory,,,bt i count it all joy ,,coz i knw ,,he’s in a better place,and by faith,,i can see it afar,,,,thanks Gladwell,,ur the best friend,,one could ever have,,i miss you,,congrats to Renatta,,,four years ,,say hallo,,and give her a kiss on the cheek from ,,me,,,May God bles u ,,all the days of your life,,my regarsds to Chris too,,

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