Archive | December 7, 2009


John 1:46 NAZARETH! Can anything good come from there? asked Nathanael.

Nathanael…is the name of one of my three brothers and also one of our Lord Jesus’ twelve disciples. There was something about Nathanael that made Jesus notice him…something which is a powerful lesson for us to learn from in our present world. Nathanael was a clear cut… a man of integrity, of which Jesus said of him when he saw him approaching, ‘Here is a true Israelite, in whom there is nothing false.’ In other words, when Jesus first introduced Nathanael to the other disciples, he portrayed him at HIS BEST. Yet he knew for a fact that moments before they had met, Nathanael had even doubted the credibility of Jesus…and much more the fact that he came from Nazareth. According to him, Nazareth had nothing much to offer. Period. But wait a sec, that is prejudice.

Today, we may read that story without thinking much about our own prejudices, but if we honestly look deeper, as we grow and go along in life, we all tend to form prejudices about people and places. Prejudices unspoken or unexpressed may seem harmless to our society but in reality, prejudice is an UNDERCURRENT in waiting. If prejudices formed during boyhood were capable of almost exterminating a nation… then prejudices still has the same power to destroy just as it did during the Adolf Hitler’s lifetime. He had his prejudices which he refused to deal with and…the aftermath of his prejudices against Jews is still felt today.

As a Christian, do you find yourself caught up with the feeling of prejudices? How do you deal with them? Like Nathanael…Jesus knows your heart. Repent and ask God to help you deal with this issue. Its never too late to start.