Psalm 121:2-3 He will not let your foot slip_ he who watches over you will not SLUMBER: indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither SLUMBER nor SLEEP.

A siesta is a short afternoon nap in Spanish.

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine told me something that made me want to laugh…seriously!
But her statement was no laughing matter. How could this happen? Was God on an afternoon nap? She confessed to me as her complaint to God after she found out she was expecting another child. You see, her marriage was on the rocks…and the news of a child on the way did nothing but worsen her situation. If divorce had seemed a better option, her unborn child changed everything: the new life forming in her womb needed the warmth of a home with loving and caring parents. She thought the matter out seriously, and weighed all the options…then a decision was made. Yet it wasn’t based on how or what she felt at that moment. HER UNBORN CHILD, the same one which had been conceived ‘WHILE GOD WAS ON A SIESTA’ was the same one which saved her marriage. Of course, things don’t work out immediately, but they did, eventually!

You see, there comes a time in your and my life when things seem to work against us. And by nature, we begin frantically to look for ways to opt out. We pray, we consult with friends and family and use whatever else is at our disposal to bring about relieve. And just about the time we think we are at the edge of getting out, something comes up. And we turn to God in wonder and confusion…How could You allow this? Were You on a siesta?

But no matter what issues life brings our way, one thing is for sure, GOD never takes HOLIDAYS, GOD had no RETIREMENT plans, GOD has no BED or ROCKING CHAIR for A SIESTA. GOD’S EYE IS EVER ON YOU: In your valleys, and at your mountain tops, at the peak of your career and at the retirement home, at the labor room and at the funeral service, during peaceful times and in times of war. At the time you got hired and when you got your termination letter. In spite of these issuesl…REMEMBER:

BOTH NOW AND FOREVER. Psalms 121:7-8

3 thoughts on “GOD ON A SIESTA

  1. Hi Gladwell! It’s Elaine…are you okay? I am praying for you and your family! Take good care! Stand in faith.

    • Hi Laine. Thanks for your concern and prayers. I was down with a bad infection of tonsillitis but I am feeling much better now. Will be back to posting on Monday. God bless. Love, Gladwell

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