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The Christmas carols, the Christmas tree, the streets lights and of course, the shops full of all things Christmas are here with us again. But wait a minute, where is the babe? Does the Bethlehem native story still ring true? Before you forget or indulge in the routine and rituals of Christmas….REMEMBER: CHRISTMAS IS YOUR SALVATION STORY. Keep your hearts warm as you wait to celebrate!!!!


1 John 3:16 This is how we know what LOVE is: JESUS LAID DOWN HIS LIFE FOR US. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.

There is a Polish saying that says, “HURRY UP TO LOVE PEOPLE, BECAUSE THEY QUICKLY DEPART!”

Why love matrix? You may ask. Matrix has its roots from the Latin word…Mater which means womb or mother. Among other meanings…Matrix can be defined as;a substance, situation or environment in which something has its origin, takes form, or is enclosed. As human beings, we all take form in our mother’s womb…that is our enclosed matrix. Without a womb, it is impossible for a human child to develop into a full human baby. Of course, while it is possible to impregnant the human embryo outside the mother’s womb…with time without the proper environment for it take form into maturity, there will be a certain termination. We all are grateful for our earthly mothers, who provided us with the proper environment i.e their wombs where we took form and after nine months became independent from that enclosure.

And that too also applies in our Christian lives. You see, before we got born again…God gave us His Son, Jesus Christ who laid down his life for us. In essense, he is OUR LOVE MATRIX. Before we knew him, God placed us in the right environment…and brought our way the right people who taught us the word of God and slowly, it began taking form in our hearts. Before we knew it, we were gloriously saved. And after we got born again…the love matrix begins all over again. God calls us to laid down our lives for the next generation…for the babies who are yet to be born of God.

As a Christian, do you feel it is your responsibility to laid down your life for your brothers? Does love compel you to do something for the body of Christ? HURRY UP, my brother and sister, there are people waiting to be loved and enclosed in the LOVE MATRIX.