Genesis 37:19-20 “Here comes that DREAMER!” they said to each other. “Come let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we’ll see what comes of his DREAMS.”

No matter what stage or point we are in life, we all have dreams. Dreams may or may not come true. Dreams may be things which we would love to have or do which are still out of reach. Dreams may also happen in our sleep beyond our human control and ability to choose whether to experience them or not.
But dreams, like many other things are also means in which God can use to convey a message for the unforeseen future.

And so, it was in the case of Joseph. By then, he was just a teenage, loved by his father, Jacob and hated by his brothers. Then one day, he had a dream which he quickly shared with his brothers. When they heard about his dream…they HATED him even the more. Of course, the matter might have ended there, was it not for his second dream. By now, they could not stand him and Jacob, his father rebuked him but kept the matter in mind. You see, Joseph wasn’t the initiator of his dreams in the first place…and in a sense, he wasn’t looking out for interpretation or their accomplishment. In any case, he was still innocence for that. But God had a plan.

Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt and landed at Potiphar’s house. Before long, he was accused of sexual assault and landed into prison. If Joseph wondered what would become of his dreams, we are not told. However, we are told of someone else’s dreams: the cup-bearer and the baker. These two men landed in prison where Joseph was and he, by God’s help interpreted their dreams; one died, and the other…the cup-bearer returned to Pharaoh’s service. Two years later, Pharaoh too had his dreams and Joseph was called out to interpret them. Before he knew it….HIS DREAM was beginning to be accomplished.

Has God given you a dream? Do people look at you and think like Joseph, “Heh, here comes the dreamer!'” Take courage. One thing though is for sure…when God give you a dream…he will also make someone else like you to dream. In order for your dream to be accomplished, God will cause you to run to help someone else accomplish their dreams first. Joseph sowed into the dreams of the cup-bearer and Pharaoh without know that in the real sense, he was sowing into his own dream…and the returns were more than he could have ever dreamed in daylight:a Prime minister, nations saved and above all, reconciliation with his own family.

My friend…if God has given you a DREAM…don’t settle for less nor let obstacles stop you. THERE ARE MANY DREAMERS OUT THERE WAITING ON YOU!

4 thoughts on “THE DREAMER

  1. Hello Gladwell! This message is also for Carol!

    Sowing and reaping is a part of the teaching at my Pentecostal church. It is because it is bliblical as you have stated.

    We believe in the Word of God. We believe that the bible is God speaking to us,

    Every day I get up early to pray for others and I physically after a couple of hours of praying leave my house and go to a chapel to pray with other believers, sowing or planting seeds of prayer. I pray for people from around the world most of whom I do not know nor ever heard of. I don’t really tell people and I prefer that they do not know because I want no one’s eyes on me. I’m just a vessel.

    I ALSO sow and plant good deeds, kind words, clothes, information, teaching, encouragement or however I can help including money. I don’t do it for any reason except that I love God and people. I care. I sow words into people’s lives to point them to Jesus…it is NOT “religious: it is COMPLIANT with God’s wishes.

    It makes me very sad when Christians focus on the nuances in other “denominations” as if to say if you are a Baptist; I can’t learn from you. I only hope that wasn’t the path that Carol was going in. If she was…I will ferevently begin to ask God to give her fresh reveation on that because the enemy is attempting to blind the eyes of many.

    I am praying daily that people will let the barriers fall and then together we can take this enemy out and get out of here!

    Thanks for letting me speak. I love Carol and any person that speaks that way and I just wanted to sow some wisdom into their lives and lThe Holy Ghost will do the watering!

    Have a Blessed Day Gladwell! Thanks for having such a great site. Lanie

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “sow into the dream.” Things rings of charismatic teaching but I don’t want to assume. Can you clarify? Thanks – Carol

    • Hi Carol. By sowing I meant…Joseph himself had experienced his own dreams and although his dreams had not yet been fulfilled, when the baker and the cup-bearer had their dreams, Joseph asked for God’s help to interpret their dreams. And that itself amounts into sowing which doesn’t necessary mean you are doing so in a selfish manner. Joseph sowed into the lives of the baker and Pharaoh by interpreting their dreams without the slightest knowledge that his future too, was in fact, interwoven in theirs. God, the Father sowed His Son, Jesus and in turn, we are reconciled in Him. Sowing and reaping has nothing to do with charismatic teaching…it is purely biblical.

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