Archive | November 26, 2009


Psalm 50:22-23 “Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces, with no rescue: He who sacrifices THANK-OFFERINGS honors Me, and he prepares THE WAY so that I may show him the SALVATION OF GOD.”

Today in the US is THANKSGIVING DAY. Family and friends meet over the dinner table to share a turkey dinner and offer thanksgiving for the past year. Of course, not all of us live in the US, but most of us if not all have the opportunity to meet with our family and friends over different occasions from time to time. However beyond a day that is earmarked as a day for giving thanks, each day is in fact ideal for us to give thanks. Nature teaches us to give thanks after we have received or when times are good. However, there is another kind of THANKSGIVING that pleases God more: A SACRIFICIAL THANKSGIVING.

It is easy for you and me to give thanks when we are on the receiving end….but sacrificial thanksgiving is much harder because it means we are surrendering something valuable to us without any guarantees of gain. Sacrificial thanksgiving says… I did not get the dream job I longed for, but thank you Lord that all my needs are met. My health is poor, but thank you Lord for the years I have enjoyed good health. It feels lonely after the death of a loved one, but thank you Lord for the memories of times spent together. And the list is endless.

You see, sacrificial thanksgiving does much more than bring a smile on God’s face…if anything it prepares a staircase for Him to show up at your DOORSTEP. When God shows up at your doorstep, HE BRINGS WITH HIM, SALVATION. Have you prepared the way for HIM? If Jonah did sacrifice while enclosed inside the fish stomach, then you and I are well able to do the same.

Jonah 2: 9-10 BUT I, WITH A SONG OF THANKSGIVING, WILL SACRIFICE TO YOU. WHAT I HAVE VOWED I WILL MAKE GOD. SALVATION COMES FROM THE LORD. And the Lord commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto the dry Land.