Archive | November 23, 2009


Genesis 13:1, 14-15 So Abram went from Egypt to the Negev, with his wife and everything he had, and LOT WENT WITH HIM. The Lord said to Abram after LOT HAS PARTED FROM HIM, ‘Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west. All the land you see I will give to you and your offspring FOREVER.

A Hedge can be defined as:
– barrier or protection against something
-to enclose or separate with or as if with a hedge
-to guard against the risk of loss… and
TO EVADE DECISION especially by making noncommittal statements

In life, there are two kind of hedges…MAN-MADE and GOD-DESIGNED. By nature, man desires to feel secure and of course, that sense of security comes when we know we are protected. And security inevitably makes us steadfast. Hedges are therefore, a part and parcel of our daily life.

It was the same with Abram. At 75, God called him to move out of his secure zone…i.e Haran. Without protest, He gathered his earthly belongings…his wife, livestock and servants and set off to the land God had called him into. But wait a minute…there was someone else in his entourage….Yes, LOT, his nephew. You see, Lot was the son of Abram’s brother, HARAN. The land of Haran for Abram stood for security and steadfastness. And while it was easy for him to obey God when he was asked to move out, something still was hindering him: LOT. By taking Lot with him, the sense of security he had enjoyed in Haran was still very much alive in his mind. Moreover, in Abram’s mind, without a son of his own to inherit his wealth, Lot was the closest member of his family and rightly an heir to his wealth. In many ways than one...LOT WAS A HEDGE for Abram. But was this a God-designed hedge or man-made?

Just as in Abram’s case, God may be calling you out of your secure zone. Yes, you have every reason to believe He is leading you. But you want to have some form of physical guarantee that He will keep you secure where He is taking you. So with your earthly wisdom, you decide to help Him out. Before you know it…there is a LOT in your life. You see, Lot came not to secure Abram’s future but rather to hinder it. But God had a better plan. Abram’s and Lot’s men began quarrelling because of the limited space. Finally, Abram made a decision…LOT and Him had to separate. And no sooner after Lot left…GOD CAME TO ABRAM. After the Hedge had been removed….GOD GAVE ABRAM HIS INHERITANCE…not only for him but for HIS OFFSPRING FOREVER. Without the hedge…HIS TERRITORY ENLARGED FOR GENERATIONS!!!

What are the hedges in your life? Who is the Lot that is hindering your visibility? Now is the time to send him packing. THE LORD IS WAITING ON YOU.