Deuteronomy 15:11 There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I COMMAND YOU to be open-handed towards your brothers and towards the poor and needy in your land.

Behind every act…there is a motive. Sometimes, we may do something without giving much thought about it. But the person standing on the side interpretes it quite differently then we intended it to be. Just the other day, I came across on someone’s twitter some pictures which made me quite upset. Of course, for him the pictures were meant to cause some humor but for me, they produced the opposite effect. You see, most of the pictures displayed were epicting these individuals’ vulnerability and material lack. It almost seemed like a PUBLIC HUMILIATION for the persons in question without their knowledge. Two questions crossed through my mind and couldn’t let go. WHAT MOTIVE WAS BEHIND HIS DISPLAY OF THESE PICTURES? AND IF THE PEOPLE ON THE PICTURES HAPPENED TO COME ACROSS THEM, WHAT EXPLANATION WOULD HE GIVE THEM?

Suddenly, I found myself looking inward, at MY OWN HEART. The Lord reminded me that my actions are not independent of my motives. You see, when I saw the pictures, they didn’t move me with compassion to give for a charity cause. Far from it, the author of the pictures had no intention whatsoever to ask for any financial assistances for those individuals. Yet, without thinking or intending to, HE LAUGHED at their poverty. Worse still, he displayed it for the whole world to see.

Just as the doctor cannot laugh at a patient’s deteriorating ill health, I believe the Lord wants us to be careful about the motives behind our actions. When He told Israel, there will ALWAYS be poor people in the land, He know well what He was talking about. And his command still stands:


Before you display that picture or write that word in your blog, or facebook or twitter or whatever else, ask yourself this: Does this glorify God? Is my neighbor been edified? Each man should test his own actions.


One thought on “MOTIVES

  1. That was beautiful! Awesome message! I don’t think many people stop and take the time to think about that other person’s condition. Nor do they consider that it could happen them. But as Christians we should not find amusement in one’s misfortune. If we do, then that is evidence that we are far away from God and need to ‘get right’ with Him.

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