Archive | November 14, 2009


1 Peter 3:18 For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God.

There are moments in life which are irreplaceable. Just a few hours ago I found myself in the one of them. My almost 4 year old daughter was selected with four other children in her group in pre-school to perform a patriot song. For weeks, her practice was going well until a week ago, when she went down with a bad cold. That meant absent days at school and consequently, missed practice time and the rehearsal. But her teacher didn’t quite want her to miss the BIG DAY…the day of her performance. And that day came…TODAY. Of course, as a parent, I was a bit nervous. What if she didn’t remember the lines? Was she afraid to stand before a crowd? I worried. However, when her time came to perform, all the tremor and nervousness disappeared into thin air. HER PERFORMANCE TURNED OUT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST and the applause in the audience told it all. And that for me was the IRREPLACEABLE moment, one which I couldn’t trade for the world.

You see, just as it was with me, I believe the same was with God. He had sent His Son…His one and only Son to earth. For 33 years, He watched him going about doing good as He had willed for him to. But then came the day…HIS BIG DAY. The day of His performance. The devil thought that he had won. For years, he had tried to kill Jesus but His time had not yet come. But when that day came… Heaven was ready; It was that ONCE FOR ETERNITY moment. When Jesus hanged on the cross on Calvary and said it is finished…HEAVEN STOOD STILL…THE IRREPLACEABLE MOMENT IN ETERNITY HAD PASSED. Heaven and earth could never be the same again.GOD AND MAN WERE RECONCILED and that fact is IRREPLACEABLE.