Luke 10:38-39 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, He came to a village where a woman named MARTHA opened her home to him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.

Here is the picture of our modern day MARTHA. Yes, she is a Christian. She knows the Lord…as her Personal Saviour. She loves to serves…and serves she does big time. Apart from a successful career going for her, she is all over; in the church choir, in advisory board, a member of the mercy ministries and whatever else comes along her way. And to top the list, she is an excellent wife and an adoring mum. SHE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WOMANHOOD.

And here comes our modern day MARY. She too, is a Christian. The Lord is her Personal Saviour. But for her the word Saviour carries much more weight than she would care to reveal. You see, before the Lord came to her rescue…hers was a life seemingly beyond redemption. But thankfully, the Lord reached out for her. And she is making progress…no, not the progress which is visible like MARTHA’S. Each day, she takes little but giant steps of faith. She has no agenda…therefore keeping herself tuned to the Lord comes with no effort. Of course, there are times when things around seem to draw out her attention, but her heartbeat is too close to her Saviour to be stolen away.

The question goes out to you. Who are you…a Mary or a Martha? What are your priorities? Keeping tuned in to the Lord or allowing GOOD DISTRACTIONS to keep you tuned off from Him? Simply because men appraise you doesn’t necessary means that God approves.

Remember….before you can serve others, you have to DINE at HIS TABLE.


3 thoughts on “PRIORITIES

  1. If I may offer a suggestion; experiment with different titles for your articles. Think in terms of what would compel someone to read them.

    For example: I’d call this one”: ARE YOU A MARY OR A MARTHA?

    Also, rake advantage of your RSS feed and consider going through Google REader and making EMail blasts.

    Get your rest….Blessings

  2. Hi Gladwell! How r u? I hope that your day is incredibly Blessed!

    This is an excellent article. You need to post it on FB and I will post it at Cafe Sozo with your name on it! I’ll send you the link when it’s done! Thanks…Lanie

    • Hi Laine. You are welcomed to do so. I am yet to learn who to post from one site to another. With time, I know the technical site of things will also improve. Thanks for the insight about the titles. God bless. Gladwell

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