Archive | November 11, 2009


Luke 14:22 While they were eating, Jesus took BREAD, gave thanks and BROKE it and gave it to his disciples. saying, “Take it; this is my body.”

The voyage has come to an end, and the shore is now clearly visible. Yes, Its your WEDDING DAY…You are officially A HUSBAND. The pursuit is OVER. You are the CONQUEROR and she is the CONQUERED. The dust finally settles down and its life as usual until the first warning signs begin to show up. Suddenly, you realize just because you are on shore doesn’t mean you are safe. In any case, most sudden storms appear on a clear-skied day and cause untold havoc.

You see, what qualified you as a HUSBAND in the first place is the qualities she saw in you. And these two were the most important….that YOU will be a BREADWINNER and a BREAD BREAKER. During your time of courtship, you put everything on line to prove that to her. She knew that with you by her side, her future would be secured. And that hasn’t changed except in one aspect…you have neglected the other part…the breaking of bread.

As the above Scripture says, Jesus broke the bread and gave the disciples saying; THIS IS MY BODY. As husbands, we get caught up with being providers and by the time we get back home we are too tired to be partakers. But Jesus taught you and I this secret: When you break the bread that you provide, you are actually multiplying yourself and that means constant supply.

Husband, when is the last time you offered your wife that word of encouragement or a selfless hug or kiss? When did she last hear from you that she is beautiful? When Jesus told his disciples, ‘THIS IS MY BODY’ he was in other words saying, I am offering of myself freely, wholesomely and unhindered…and that amounts to INTIMACY. Be careful and be warned…she wants you all, or nothing at all.