Archive | November 10, 2009


Romans 5:5 And HOPE does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday…Yes, it was the day my heart was crushed. As I sat across the table with my former boyfriend, I heard him announce these words, ‘I AM GETTING MARRIED.’ My heart then leapt with joy…but just in that split of a second, it came trampling back down. He wasn’t getting married to me, but rather to SOMEONE ELSE, I quickly learnt. For the longest moment in my life, no single word seemed adequate to describe what I felt. Yet, amazingly, I heard my voice above my heart speak out loud with a strange calmness and boldness that shook me too. ‘I HAVE A GOOD GOD. SOME DAY, I WILL MEET AND MARRY A GOOD MAN.’ Right there and then, without a doubt in my mind, I believed what I heard. That was the voice of hope. THE HOPE THAT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.

You see, we always associate HOPE with the future…as the steering wheel into our goal-oriented, result-driven world. But that day, I learnt this one great lesson. Hope is a repairer and a restorer. Hope gives us confidence to pick up the broken pieces in our lives and start all over again. HOPE is the pause, the comma, and the delay in our lives. And above all, HOPE gives us the courage to look back at our failures and mistakes without bitterness and still face the future with a smile. And King Solomon said it well when he wrote;

Ecclesiastes 9:4 Anyone who is among the living has HOPE_even a LIVE DOG is better off than a dead lion!

Are you alive? Then, there is still HOPE for you!